Manitoba Commits To Sustainable Fishing

WINNIPEG, MB – In recognition of National Fishing Week, the Manitoba government highlights its commitment to sustainable fishing through changes that will help ensure the sustainability of the province’s valuable fish stocks, Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox announced today.

“National Fishing Week is a great time to celebrate the tremendous opportunity that exists in Manitoba because of our valuable fish resources,” Cox said.  “Manitobans derive both economic and recreational benefit from our healthy fish stocks and we need to work together to protect and preserve this important resource.  We are committed to working with all users to ensure the long-term sustainability of fishing in our province.”

As part of the province’s efforts to promote the sustainability of fish stocks, Manitoba consulted with commercial fishers in order to identify and implement a maximum mesh size on Lake Winnipeg.  Effective this year, there is a maximum mesh size of 5.25 inches for the South Basin of Lake Winnipeg and a limit of 5.5 in. for the north basin.

Walleye will also receive protection with proposed new limits for anglers, allowing only one walleye 70 centimetres or longer to be kept per year on Lake Winnipeg, the minister said.  This proposed change is outlined in the 2017 Manitoba Anglers Guide online and would take effect April 1, 2018, she added.  The anglers guide is available at

-MyToba News

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