Manitoba Anglers And Hunters Donate Big Bucks

WINNIPEG, MB. — A $30,000 donation from hunters, anglers and outfitters will help support the enforcement of sustainable hunting and fishing practices in Manitoba, as well as investing in youth and community-based programming.

The Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association (MLOA) is providing $30,000 worth of funding grants to nine community applicants, from the organization’s Hunter and Angler Preservation Fund (HAPF).

The recipients are listed below.

“We are thrilled to be able to support our partners in Manitoba’s hunting and angling community with some sorely needed funding,” says MLOA executive director Paul Turenne.

“For generations, hunters and anglers have contributed both their money and their time to initiatives that help ensure the sustainability of fish and wildlife populations, and we are proud to be able to continue that tradition.”

The HAPF is a voluntary program administered by the MLOA, and supported by our members and their guests, many of whom opt to contribute to the fund while on guided hunting or angling trips to Manitoba.

The fund provides grants to support community initiatives that enhance or preserve opportunities to fish and hunt sustainably in Manitoba, for visitors and Manitobans alike.

The MLOA has allocated more than $60,000 in grant funding since 2011 to various community projects, including anti-poaching efforts, whitetail deer population monitoring work, fish stocking programs, and other initiatives.

2017 Recipients

Fish Winnipeg – $2,000

Funds will be used to purchase rod-and-reel combinations for use in Fish Winnipeg’s youth fishing camps and its inner-city, urban fishing van program.

These programs are intended for families with limited disposable income and for children who would otherwise not get the chance to go fishing.

Manitoba Sustainable Development (East Region) – $7,000

Funds will be used to purchase a robotic moose decoy and associated surveillance equipment, to assist Conservation Officers in enforcing the moose conservation closure in Game Hunting Area 26 (Pine Falls-Manigotagan-Nopiming area).

Grandview Game & Fish – $2,000

Funds will be used to purchase a new wind-powered aeration system for the town’s fish pond, which is stocked with rainbow and brown trout.

Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge – $2,000

Funds will be used to purchase an additional AIS decontamination unit, for use at the Caribou Landing boat launch in Nopiming Provincial Park.

The nearby lodge owner has taken it upon himself to offer this free public service to protect the Manigotagan River system from zebra mussels and other aquatic invasive species.

Manitoba Conservation Officers Association – $5,000

Funds will be used to purchase an aerial drone and Go Pro cameras to assist with anti-poaching enforcement efforts.

MCOA says the drone may also be used for search and rescue operations and to monitor forest fires.

Generation Next Angler – $2,000

Funds will be used to cover event costs and prizes for GNA youth angling events, geared at exposing young people to fishing and raising awareness of both the opportunities and responsibilities associated with Manitoba’s world-class fisheries.

Manitoba Wildlife Federation – $5,000

Funds will be used to cover event costs for meetings MWF is planning in conjunction with Indigenous communities in Northern and Western Manitoba.

These meetings are meant to bring licensed and Indigenous hunters together to discuss moose conservation.

Manitoba Sustainable Development (West Region) – $3,500

Funds will be used to support anti-poaching efforts through flight time for aerial surveillance.

Conservation Officers in the Parkland area will use the surveillance to identify trouble spots where unsafe and/or illegal night hunting may be occurring.

Urban Angling Partnership – $1,500

Funds will be used to purchase new rod-and-reel combinations for Learn to Fish clinics.

The UAP is a non-profit partnership between the angling community and the City of Winnipeg, to offer angling-based programming along Winnipeg’s Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

—MyToba News

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