The Truth About Trudeau’s Tax Hikes: What Should Happen Next

Spencer Fernando

WINNIPEG, MB – As I finished my interview with Larry Frostiak, I asked him what he thought the government should do. He said his “final plea” would be for the government to “take a breath and step back.”

He said the government should look at a Royal Commission to look at the entire tax system, and consider new ideas.

Among those ideas would be taxing the family unit, rather than individuals.

Overall, Larry Frostiak made the point that a complex issue shouldn’t be rushed, and real listening and consultation should take place.

He is 100% correct.

It’s a huge mistake to go after small businesses, farmers, and entrepreneurs. With so many jobs depending on a strong small business sector, the damage to our economy from bad policy could be immense.

The truth about Trudeau’s tax hikes is that – unless they are significantly changed – they will punish Canadians and make our entire country poorer.

That’s why Canadians need to keep speaking out against these changes. By keeping the pressure on, more and more members of the government may have second thoughts about these tax hikes, and demand changes to the final proposal that will address the real and legitimate concerns spreading throughout the country.

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website
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  • Garry Harbottle says:

    The Liberal dictatorship is at it again. They were imposing an upstream carbon tax on Energy East oil line while not on imported oil. This would be on top of the $.06/L carbon tax at the pump! When will the tax, tax, tax end?

  • Dee says:

    Someone should start a blog to tell Trudeau that he is not Gods gift to Canadians. He’s not a rock star and he knows nothing about how to govern our Country. He only puts his image and ego first. He wants only to leave a legacy for himself so he can go down in history as being a hero. This is all he has, nothing better. He is disgracing his father’s name by trying to be something he isn’t, a leader. He should step up to the plate, not suck on the public teet. We have Canadians who suffer because of his inaction to help Canadians. The veterans, the elderly, the disabled, the infirmed, the homeless, the poor and our children. Not only will future health costs affect our healthcare system but also our hospitals, our police, fire, and ambulance services, our streets and highways, our parks, our recreational facilities, and our infrastructure. These are the people and services he needs to put first. This is where his focus should be. There are things he can do to help. Do not legalize pot for casual use because it is immoral, irresponsible and reprehensible.This will cause health issues in the future for the users and their children (how can someone possibly protect our children from exposure to pot and it’s health affects)? We can’t! When people smoke cigarettes outside, you can smell the cigarette smoke a long way, especially on a windy day. Pot smoke is heavier so imagine what that will do for people with smoke allergies or the smell of pot smoke near schools. If some people actual need it for health reasons then have one doctor in each province be the one to decide who qualifies for it. All we need is stiffer penalties for drug dealers and anybody caught smoking pot (excluding those who use it for medical reasons). It is reckless, careless, and thoughtless, As a society we made this mistake with alcohol and look the costs we paid for that mistake. Do we need another white elephant, a possession that is useless and troublesome, one that is expensive to maintain and difficult to dispose of on our backs? I think not.
    Cut back a bit on immigration and asylum seekers. This will save on capital to put towards the veterans, the elderly, the disabled, the infirmed, the homeless and the poor and our children and our healthcare system, hospitals, police, fire, and ambulance services, our streets and highways, parks, recreational facilities, and our infrastructure. Tredeau, do the right thing, put Canada and Canadians first.

  • R Walker says:

    Can you explain how your guru is 100% correct?

  • Kevin Nichols says:

    So while the Liberal government claims to help the middle class, they want to tax the poor kid that gets a free sub from time to time, or a discount on their burger. meanwhile, the billionaires with untold riches hidden in offshore accounts are making more in a minute than the kid flipping burgers makes in a week, but they are helping the middle class?
    Small business is the backbone of our country and it is nice to see that the Liberals have adopted Green policy by reducing the business tax by 1.5%.