OPINION: Winnipeg Police Need More Support


WINNIPEG, MB – As I recently wrote when discussing the wasteful “diversity gardens,” it’s essential for those in power to make good use of limited resources.

When millions of dollars are spent on monuments to political correctness while real problems go unsolved, it’s clear that our “leaders” have lost touch with those they claim to serve.

That’s certainly the case with the issue of crime and the support (or lack thereof), the City of Winnipeg provides to our police officers.

For some time, Moe Sabourin – head of the Winnipeg Police Association – has been issuing warnings about the police budget not keeping up with the rising threat of crime.

Yet, instead of listening to those warnings and increasing support for our police to a level that matched the rising number of service calls , the city instead focused on things like the diversity gardens, neglecting public safety in favour of wasteful and unnecessary projects.

As a result of these misplaced priorities, the violent crime severity index is up a whopping 20%, representing the fact that Winnipeg has become a more dangerous place.

Those who face that danger – and protect the rest of us from it – are the Winnipeg Police. They deserve more support and more resources to do their jobs. That could easily be achieved without increasing overall spending simply by slashing the bloated bureaucracy and rejecting foolish projects like the diversity gardens. That would represent true, common-sense leadership, and it would make our citizens safer.

It’s time for the city government to stop wasting time and money, and give the members of the Winnipeg Police the support they need to make Winnipeg more secure.

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website SpencerFernando.com
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  • Greg Matthew says:

    I agree 100%. That money being wasted on the “diversity garden” could be used at the civic level for policing or other essential services, at the provincial level to fix a few roads and at the federal level to install a water system on a reserve or two. It’s a disgraceful misuse of tax dollars!