OPINION: Winnipeg “Diversity Gardens” A Huge Waste Of Money

Diversity Gardens - Winnipeg - Manitoba

How about fixing our roads and getting Churchill’s rail line back?

WINNIPEG, MB – We live in a world of limited resources. That includes money. Governments don’t have a limitless supply of funds to spend (even though they act like it), and that means they must make choices.

As a result, a hierarchy of needs must be always be kept in mind. And close to the top of that hierarchy must be essential infrastructure, such as roads and rails. Infrastructure is the foundation of our economy and society, and nothing is possible without it.

Another essential focus must be helping those in need. Particularly here in Manitoba where there is rampant poverty and economic struggle, the limited resources of the various levels of government need to be focused on doing the most good – providing tangible opportunity and support for people who need a hand up.

And yet, instead of focusing on what actually matters, many governments and politicians are too busy spending our tax dollars on monuments to political correctness – while real problems go unsolved.

That’s why the tens of millions being spent by Justin Trudeau, Brian Pallister, and Brian Bowman on the Winnipeg “Diversity” Gardens is such a huge waste.

First of all, the money is being spent in a park that is already well-funded.

Second, all three levels of government constantly complain about how they are strapped for cash.

And third, rail traffic into the city of Churchill is cut-off, and those in power are wasting their time shifting blame instead of taking action.

Ask yourself this:

What’s a bigger priority – a garden to celebrate “diversity,” or fixing roads and rails?

The amount being spent on the gardens is truly outrageous. A total of $35 million from the feds, $15 million from the province, and $10 million from the city of Winnipeg.

$60 million in total.

That could surely go a long way towards helping those in poverty, fixing Churchill’s rail line, and repairing our roads and essential infrastructure.

It’s also odd that the provincial government is cutting nursing jobs, but can find $15 million for a garden. Interesting priorities.

And for those who say the Churchill rail is owned by a private company and therefore the government can’t do anything, being a “private” company sure didn’t stop Trudeau from giving tons of our money into the lap of Bombardier’s pathetically failed executives.

It’s simply outrageous that our money is being wasted on a politically correct showpiece that will create only 220 jobs over three years after it’s constructed.

So, our genius leaders are spending $60 million to create 220 jobs. That’s $272,727 per job.

What a waste.

Remember this the next time someone says taxes need to go up, or we don’t have enough money to help those in need.

The money is there, but those in power just keep wasting it.

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

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Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website
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  • F Sput says:

    Certainly Omar Khadr’s 10.5 million would be a great help to the 60 million in need. Mis-prioritizing tax dollar is a Liberal habit, this goes for any level of government.

  • Gerry Bentley says:

    I totally agree 60 million could go a long way to solving our homeless problem.

  • Clive Morrison says:

    Can’t agree with you more! It is a travesty that this money is being spent on such a rediculous cultural monument , when we are crying for funds in so many needed areas of the province. Sickening!

  • Braeden says:

    From the information I am given I am inclined to agree however I am skeptical as I see a completely one sided opinion. What facts have been left out to make your point seem better? I’m not disputing that this does truely seem like a waste of money, but if you provide more information from the other side then argue that information as well, I feel your opinion would be considered a lot more.

  • Rocky Potuer says:

    What the hell is a “diversity garden” and how will it better the lives of Canadians in general? Is this just another “politically made up issue”, so they can say they did something?

  • Rocky Potuer says:

    What the hell is a “diversity garden” and how will it better the lives of Canadians in general? Is this just another “politically made up issue”, so they can say they did something?

  • Ron says:

    Once again Spencer, you’re bang on. Repairing roads isn’t very sexy to politicians.

  • drained taxpayer says:

    You are absolutely right!

  • Song says:

    Well said. I strongly agrre with you!

  • Candis says:

    What a JOKE. So…the people who need prescriptions specially blended for them, get an increase (which most can’t afford) that may cause them to not take their proper meds; the towns are not able to get needed supplies because of politicians and big business playing the “Who Me?” card; the roads that can break axles and swallow tires…..and our governments (city, provincial & federal) all believe that a “Diversity Garden” is going to medically, socially, and physically help the citizens with these issues? Really? What the heck is wrong with these officials’ moral compass? I truly find it mind-boggling that they think the voters want this! I guess the air is much thinner up in the clouds where they live.

  • howie says:

    Congrats Spencer! You are the first and probably only journalist who has taken this view- one that is supported by the majority of Manitobans but also is open to hand wringing criticism by the groups who will label you as racist, sexist,misogynist, and any other label they make up. Keep up the great stories and thank you for saying what we are all thinking.

  • Tanya Cutting says:

    A terrible waste of taxpayers money.

  • Gloria k says:

    Thank you for pointing out how our provincial and federal governments are wasting our money. These comments need to go more viral. We need responsible leadership and obviously these leaders are far from that. Taxpayers need more authority to stop this type of government spending. We voted them in and now time to vote them out.

  • Bunka says:

    Thank you Spencer for calling a spade a spade. There are more pressing needs in our province! The Churchill fiasco and health care cuts are especially high on the priority list. I just don’t understand pollitician’s inability to see tangible needs. Have Manitobans been asked if this garden is a priority on their wish list?? Thank you for giving consideration to Manitoba Mr. Trudeau, but you could have gained more brownie points by directing your government’s contributions to where it is really needed in this province. Are you not listening to our cry for money for Health Care??

  • Lori hills says:

    What happened to spending on long term care facilities. There is a shortage of beds for our elderly! Forget the gardens and put that money towards our valued seniors who have paid a lifetime of taxes!

  • Kathleen says:

    You are absolutely correct, Spencer. We chatted with 2 Hydro workers in Thompson that were down from Churchill on training. 4 Litres of milk in Thompson <$5.00, same size in Churchill $13. A package of beef in the supermarket in Thompson $6, but $18 in Churchill. The workers Churchill were paid the same as their co-workers in Thompson. The one young father was nearly in tears as he told us 'they are driving us into poverty' and 'I probably will have to leave my children and go somewhere else to work'.
    And the government is funding a garden!!! Whoopppeeee!!! Now that is a legacy to be proud of!!!! (SARCASM!!!!!)

  • BN says:

    Tax payer money is very easy for the government to spend.If it was coming out of their own pockets it would not happen. People should have a choice how their money is spent.

    • Gloria k says:

      I totally agree. Taxpayers need a voice on where our money is spent. Health care should be a priority. Too many elderly people ignored. More care homes create more jobs too. Come on Mr Trudeau try living on a seniors income.

  • Darwin Dunford says:

    This is just political virtual signalling. Our politicians are addicted to it.

    My suggestion is that they plant just as many weeds as flowers in this thing to show how open minded, egalitarian and tolerant we all are!! And it shouldn’t cost them $60 MM either.

  • Tannis says:

    I agree it’s a waste of money. I see no need for it.
    Ps. Nurses aren’t the only ones who work in health care that are losing there jobs.

  • Dan says:

    I guess if one really just HAD TO find a positive in this story it would be that this won’t be a total waste like the human rights museum. At least with this one if your into horticulture you could see past the trite and overworked posturing that the exhibits will foist on visitors to the underlying plants.

  • Dana Lori says:

    It was said to me once by an elected City official of Winnipeg that traffic calming circles; which were erected where they were not needed, had to be constructed because there was a certain amount of money was put aside for a project and if it wasn’t used, it would be lost. He admitted it wasn’t the best use of money, but it was too late, it was done. (Also claimed that it was what the residents wanted, although, I as a resident was never asked an opinion.)
    The point is, a certain amount of money is allocated for certain jobs and projects. This money (for this garden) isn’t coming out of Infrastructure monies.
    But we forget, no wait…they forget – Politicians are working for us. We hire them – yet decisions are made behind closed doors and in confidential emails which are not privy to the citizens until it’s been decided.
    There is a 470 million dollar rapid transit expansion for Winnipeg still in the works. 470 MILLION – which faced great opposition from the citizens of Winnipeg – and it was passed, and it’s being constructed.
    Pallister was elected hugely in part for promising to bring down the PST by 1% – not a word of that happening. Guess we all forgot. Bowman’s downtown dog park? Where did that go?
    We’re fed lies, we believe them, we elect them and then are always shocked when they don’t happen or our money is spent on their own agendas. There is no faith left in Government, and yet, we continue to vote for them.
    So long story short, I whole heartedly agree with your story Spencer, but what is it really going to do? It’s been decided. No matter who says what at this point, homeless won’t be helped, railroads won’t be built, and no streets other than what has been decided for this year will be fixed. We will instead be able to visit this lovely Government decided garden.
    IMO. Happy humpday.

  • Barb says:

    I cannot believe when Churchill has huge transport issues(food prices are ridiculous), Sears is closing, there go more jobs, we are cutting back on all sorts of health care, more jobs lost, (the most vulnerable at risk) Siloam mission is begging for water during the massive heat wave. We are creating diversity gardens! The everyday folk are struggling to get by, do you think diversity gardens are going to put food on their tables? If you truly want to have diversity gardens start teaching horticulture in schools, and teach youth how to have a diverse garden by using containers etc. What are we trying to prove here. We have a half ass rapid transit, roads which are in disrepair, and one of the largest child poverty rates in Canada. This money can be used for more pressing issues. This is not Duff’s dike. Oh wait,have we fixed Shoal lake? Do we have enough safe homes for children in care? Shame on all levels of Government . This is purely political ego stroking.