OPINION: Trudeau Keeps Lying About Disgusting Omar Khadr Payment

WINNIPEG, MB – Since the story broke, Justin Trudeau has been lying about the disgusting $10.5 million taxpayer-funded payment to admitted terrorist Omar Khadr.

First, Trudeau said there was a “process” that was “ongoing,” even though his government was finalizing the payment.

Then, his government tried to blame Stephen Harper, even though rewarding Khadr was a decision entirely made by Trudeau.

After that backfired, they’re trying another lie: Saying a past Supreme Court ruling forced them to pay Khadr.

That’s false.

Supreme Court never gave order to pay Omar Khadr $10.5 million

Previous rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada have not included any orders to pay Omar Khadr $10.5 million. The horrible decision to give him that money is entirely the responsibility of the Trudeau government, and nobody else.

So why is Trudeau lying once again?

He’s seeing the anger of tens of millions of Canadians who are sickened and enraged by this disgusting travesty.

He can’t talk his way out of this one with his “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” BS. So he’s desperately trying to spread blame and responsibility everywhere other than where it truly resides: With him.

He approved the payment to Khadr. He rewarded a terrorist. And he must face the electoral consequences of betraying our country, our allies, and our values.

Justin Trudeau has shown that when the going gets tough, he’ll roll over and cave in to an admitted terrorist rather than stand and fight. Not only has he shown weakness, he also betrayed Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris by giving Khadr the payment before they could fight it in court.

Weakness, betrayal, and dishonesty. That’s what Trudeau has shown by giving Omar Khadr $10.5 million of our tax money.

Canadians will not forgive, and we will not forget.

Sign the Taxpayer.com petition against Trudeau’s $10.5 million Omar Khadr payment

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website SpencerFernando.com
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  • Never vote NDP says:

    2019 can’t arrive fast enough, this child “Prime Minister” has to get the boot Big Time. This is an atrocity.

  • David Burton says:

    What a misguided diatribe from Spencer Fernando. It’s close to a Trump-like statement full of venom toward those of a more liberal and thoughtful bent.

    Kadhr was systematically mistreated by the US and not represented adequately by his own government, which colluded with the US in his detention.

    I say he deserves compensation from Canada, and from the US (but good luck with that!). How they arrived at the sum he has received I don’t know but, to me, it seems somewhere in the ballpark for what he has endured for many years.

    • Ron says:

      Keep up the good work Spencer , you’re speaking up for 9 out of 10 on this opinion site so far. Too bad the Liberals didn’t follow this same formula and side with the 9 out of every 10 opinions………absolutely sickening.

    • Greg says:


    • Jim says:

      I agree with David Burton.
      The Supreme Court ruled that Khadr’s charter rights were violated. Khadr had abundant reason to sue, which he did, Canada settled out of court.
      I suppose we could speculate about the outcome of the civil action but the cost to the taxpayer to fight and lose would be a lot more than Khadr was paid.
      Scott Taylor’s, Free Press article, July 12th edition titled “Khadr’s critics ignoring realities of combat” is an opinion piece worth reading. Spencer Fernando, your opinion suffers in comparison.

  • John Trinke says:

    I can honestly say that this is the first time I ashamed to be a Canadian. It is an embarrassment to have a brain dead child running our beautiful country.

  • stricker says:

    Canadian Government never violated Khadr charter of rights and freedom. Khadr choose to fight and support AL Qaeda. Justin Trudeau is a disappointment as a Prime minister of Canada and should resign.

  • E. Worsley says:

    Trudeau is lying. Doing what he’s most talented at. Trudeau states Canada will not pay ransom to terrorists (who threaten abuse, beheading, etc against Canadians). Where is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that protects “all Canadians” according to Trudeau to protect those Canadians held hostage by terrorists? It appears he prefers to pay the terrorist(s) after the atrocity is committed. What is the difference in paying Khadr for his admitted act of terrorism, after the fact, or paying ransom for the release of innocent Canadians, who have committed no crime, when they face death at the hands of terrorists?? Where is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to protect those innocent Canadians? This payment was RUSHED by Trudeau to prevent Mrs Speer from obtaining any part of this payment in memory of her murdered husband killed at the hands of Omar Khadr. Trudeau is destroying this country with his lies and total lack of transparency.

  • Rachel Leonard says:

    Mr. Frenando, Thanks, Canadians have to wake up and realize that it is our money he is handing out not his. They keep giving money to everyone who do not pay taxes but forget about the ones struggling to make enough money just to pay their bills and keep a roof over their heads. We are the tax poor and our prime minister, who has never worked or gone without anything, feels it’s okay for tax payers to keep dishing out of their pockets for him. I hope other Canadians feel the same.

  • Murray Leonard says:

    The liberal party needed a leader with looks and a name to win but in the rush to power forgot to check if he had a brain. He does not represent the views and values of Canadians. Is it any wonder tax payers distrust politions and government

  • Kevin says:

    the people will forget, just like they will forget how the Harper Government screwed over Canada, just like how they forget Paul Martin screwed over Canadians, just like they forget Jean Chretian for screwing over Canadians. There has only been two parties ruin and give away Canada and yet people forget, people claim to want change but have no idea what that means, wouldn’t surprise me if we elect another Mulroney to power because people forget. Canadian politics is to the point of embarrassment, and if it wasn’t for Trump being a total clown, we would be the laughing stock of the free world. We already lead the free world as the most sued country, and now with interest rate hikes looming, we will be the country with the most homeless.
    And what about the government being transparent, that is all but gone. The Liberals have eliminated the town hall meetings they used to have to inform people, that turned to a disaster quickly when people realized the Liberal MP’s dont know anything. How many things are the Canadian people being kept in the dark about?

    People in this country need to wake up and vote for someone that will actually represent real change, not just the same party with a different colour.

    • Lorraine Kellner says:

      Sorry, as Canadian and as a tax-payer in this Country, I won’t soon forget that MILLIONS of OUR TAX DOLLARS went towards funding a terrorist. Just look at the smug look on the face of this terrorist. Bottom line is he is a terrorist, he made bombs to kills Canadian and American soldiers, God how they must feel insulted by you, Mr. Trudeau. So he wound up at Gitmo, not our problem, so he was a young teenager, not our problem, he was mistreated in Gitmo – it’s a prison for pete’s sake what did they expect?????
      I, for one, think this is the most disrespectful thing the Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau have done. Telling our service men and women that during and after all the conflicts that they have gone through for our Country, that they mean nothing to him. Get Trudeau out of Ottawa. Just like his father in the ’70’s, screwing us over even more though because this time it’s all of Canada and not just the Western Provinces!

    • Kala says:

      So, Kevin… who do you suggest would make a good leader for Canada?

  • Ron says:

    This just makes me sick !! Nothing surprises me anymore from the Liberals.

  • Dako44 says:

    Very well put Spencer Fernando , Couldn`t agree more . It is an embarrassment to all Canadians .

  • Brian says:

    Trudeau is a true politician. Lies to get your votes, lies about everything when they get in. He pays millions to his friends and now to a terrorist. Next he will give criminals a big hunk of money because they were sent to prison.

    What do you expect from a donothaveaclue druggy Prime Minister. Must be another
    good photo op.

  • Peter says:

    Mr. Fernando is either ignorant of the facts surrounding this case, or he is deliberately misrepresenting them for his own purposes.

    It isn’t difficult to read the history of Omar Khadr – Wikipedia is a good place to start, but there are other websites that can fill in the details. Mr. Khadr was born in Canada – he is a Canadian citizen. He is entitled to all the rights and freedoms specified in the Charter, but the Canadian government (the Harper Government) denied him those rights – repeatedly, and that is why we are in this situation. The current Prime Minister did not create this mess!

    So which is it Mr. Fernando? Are you deliberately misrepresenting the facts to stir up resentment, or do you need to do a little more reading and discover what the facts really are. This case would have ended up costing Canadian taxpayers a great deal more than $10.5 million dollars if it wasn’t settled.

  • VJM83 says:

    This a disgrace. The so called Prime Minister should grow up and stop giving our money away especially to terrorists.

  • Jean Luc Picard says:

    Well said Peter.

    All those criticizing the decision to compensate must think that the human rights and freedoms that are provided under law in Canada should only apply to some Canadians. Maybe 15 year old Canadian children should not be provided any protection under the laws of Canada? Wow.

    I am not a lawyer, but given that Kadr is Canadian and is absolutely entitled to protection under our laws, delaying as settlement likely would have ended up costing taxpayers much more than $10.5M

  • Gary Rondeau says:

    Very typical from this source. Another white supremacist racist rant. Probably around forty percent of our dear folks are still overtly racist. It’s time Canada had its own head of state and moved towards a more egalitarian ethos of government. After 150 years are we still not good enough?

  • Rick says:

    Lets not lose site of what he is guilty of, while fighting for Al-Qaeda (Islamic extremists) in Afghanistan he killed an American citizen Sgt. Christopher Speer. Yes he was born in Canada, so what. If I chose to do something stupid in a foreign contry and get caught, why is it Canada’s responsibility to bail me out. It was his father that dragged him into all that mess, let his father be responsible. This guy is trash! Can’t say much better for our PM. Give the money to the Speer family.

  • mike jackson says:

    the narrative regarding cost is yet another Justin lie – it refers to legal fees which would not have been 10.5 million – yet another lie fed to the masses – and no one should ever be paid after they fought against Canadian soldiers and killed an unarmed medic. His father was Osama’s money man. The media is complicit in this as they have not told the real story. Charter infringement – are you liberals really that stupid – no – you know it is evil and wrong. Ms Speer will now raise her children without a father- and the payment was made to preclude her from seizing it. Canada is regarded by other countries as being run by a criminal – which is an accurate perception. Watch what happens to the economy, taxes, standard of living and crime – very bad news is coming. Good luck with all that debt when the real estate market is doomed – Justin must go – one more term will destroy Canada.