OPINION: Pallister’s Health Care Tax A Total Betrayal Of Everyone Who Voted PC

PC MLAs must push back against this betrayal of those who put their trust in them.

WINNIPEG, MB – Brian Pallister campaigned on lowering taxes, not raising them. Just take a look at this PC flyer from the election:

Clearly, Pallister ran on lowering taxes, and those who voted for the PC Party of Manitoba expected lower taxes.

Note what he didn’t campaign on: A new healthcare tax.

Yet, that’s exactly what he’s now proposing.

As first reported by Austin Grabish of CBC News, Brian Pallister announced that the government is considering a new health care tax that Manitobans would be forced to pay.

As noted by Grabish, Pallister himself has called it a tax increase, saying “It’s most certainly a tax increase there’s no doubt of that and I don’t think we should couch it in any way different from that.”

Pallister says the money is needed because of changes in federal health funding. However, Pallister campaigned on finding efficiencies in government, not raising taxes. If more healthcare money is needed, he should be finding it from within the gigantic amount of money the government already takes from Manitobans, instead of looking to extract even more from the people.

Referendum hypocrisy

While he was in opposition, Pallister rightfully criticized the NDP for not holding a referendum on the PST increase. However, he says there won’t be a referendum on the health tax, which is an act of massive hypocrisy.

It seems Pallister only thinks Manitobans should get to vote on tax increases when somebody other than himself is imposing them. When he imposes a tax, he doesn’t want Manitobans to have our voices heard. That’s the kind of arrogant elitism Manitobans thought they were getting rid of in the last election.

This is a total betrayal of those who voted PC expecting lower taxes and more efficient government. Instead, Manitobans are seeing continued massive deficits, rising debt, and now, a new health care tax.

It’s time for PC MLAs to stop doing Pallister’s bidding, and stand up for their constituents and for the platform they ran on. They must speak out against Pallister’s health care tax, and stop this attack on Manitoba taxpayers.

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website SpencerFernando.com
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  • BN says:

    Give the man a break.After the dept the previous government racked up,somebody needs to straighten up the finances .

  • Capt. White says:

    Just what in hell did all the no brainers that voted P.C. expect. Not much different than the last time he was part of the elected government in Manitoba other than this time he is leader.

  • milton wiebe says:

    I think we pay our fare share of taxes already . Being on disability doesn’t help . This is not what people voted for having no say . this is against our values we have a right to vote . We are not north korea when I went to bed last night I thought we were still CANADIANS .

  • Ian Robbins says:

    What we need ( and as far as most Canadians are concerned) is universal health care that is equal in every province, in the sense that if I travel anywhere in Canada, as a Canadian, I should be able to receive it at NO ADDITIONAL COST! THIS INCLUDES AMBULANCE SERVICE! If the feds and provincial government can’t afford that with the taxes we already pay, then I think MLA’s and MP pays should be REDUCED and the extra money put into health care. Reduce the admin costs as administrators seem to make more money than doctors, which is absurd! Up the corporate tax rate to 20% across the country as they can afford it with the money they’re not trickling down to their employee’s.

  • Kevin says:

    And come next election Pallister will fool everyone again and people will forget all about the health cuts and the cuts to front line staff that he said wouldnt happen and they will all vote PC again.
    They will also forget all the things the NDP did and should they actually remember how Pallister crewed them over, they will not remember how Selinger and his group made deals with the oil pipeline group and moved the hydro lines west to provide power to a pipeline that will now not exist, but we are all stuck with the bill, a bill I might add is growing.

  • Lorraine Kellner says:

    Not at all happy with this Conservative Government led by Pallister. Issues that he ran his elections platform on have now disappeared with new taxes for this and new taxes for that. Well that is not what was voted for and something has to be done with this Government and the way they are systematically dissolving all the good systems that have been in place.
    Something has to be done, and soon!! I am not sure how it would go about but something like a non-confidence vote before they completely ruin every family and wage earner in the Province.

  • Greg Matthew says:

    When someone else changes the rules in the middle of the game you have to adapt. This tax is in direct response to the Federal Government changing the rates they transfer to the province for health care.

    Since there is no money left in the budget thanks to the former NDP government, what other choice is there?

  • Mel Rorabeck says:

    I guess the next thing the Pallister will do is to just shut the hospitals down completely. What a joke this government has turned out to be. Its easy to see its like the previous PC government when they laid all the nurrses of.

  • Joanne Jackson says:

    he sure does not care about low income people

  • Alan Kerr says:

    Excellent commentary – Brian Pallister has done nothing for the

    people except make life more expensive and miserable with reducing transit funding , eliminating coverage for outpatient physiotherapy, Hydro issues, poorly conceived health care reform and rapid transit programs . Plus wasting Millions on Diversity gardens and cooperation in the Bell takeover of MTS.

  • Richard Martinson says:

    Everyone should have a say in this or least an opinion, we can’t just continue to have Mr. Pallister do what ever he wants.

  • aime says:

    here is a lot more waste in gov. then and now before we raise taxes on health care get you so calld smart people to find the waste

  • Susan Melnick says:

    Anyone at the Leg who can stand in the way of a Health Care Tax and stop it please do so. In my opinion it is very very wrong. As this article states such a tax is a betrayal . A huge betrayal.