OPINION: Fletcher 100% Right To Question Foolish Pallister Government Bill

WINNIPEG, MB – It’s well-known that political parties in Manitoba – and Canada generally – are nothing more than elected dictatorships. Dissent and free thinking is crushed through an environment of fear, with party leaders wielding immense power.

Even cabinet Ministers and elected members – who technically serve their constituents – end up being forced to fall into line under the singular will of “the leader,” depriving citizens of true local representation.

This is the challenge being faced by MLA Steven Fletcher, who has shown courage by questioning a foolish bill being put forth by the Manitoba government.

Fletcher is criticizing a new law that would belch out yet another bloated government bureaucracy. The supposedly free-market, “efficient government” Pallister administration apparently thinks a new crown agency is needed to promote “energy efficiency.” Of course, creating a new agency for every problem is what the NDP did, and is how Manitoba ended up spending so much money without seeing any results.

By questioning the wasteful and unnecessary crown agency, Fletcher is simply doing his job. While those in power want everyone to forget this, MLA’s do not serve their party or their “leader” first. They serve their constituents. Every MLA has the legal right to question their government and speak out for the concerns of those who elected them.

And while being a “team player” is often used as the justification for imposing ruthless and stifling discipline, there is a difference between being part of a team and choosing to become a puppet that mouths weak talking points and just does what they’re told.

Common sense would say Fletcher should be praised, not punished, for exercising his free speech and free thinking.

Yet unsurprisingly, there is talk of Fletcher facing punishment. After all, the government can’t just let people think for themselves. Who knows, maybe somebody else might have an independent thought. Surely if that happened, our whole province could collapse.

Thankfully our wise “leaders” have decided what our elected members are allowed to think and say. And if you ever get concerned about how things are, just remember: We’re a democracy.

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website
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  • Jim K says:

    Yes, Fletcher is 100% right to question this needless bill.
    We do not need another crown agency. The POWER SMART program is already in place.

  • aime corbel says:

    fletcher is right on come on brad he needs suport