OPINION: After $30 Million Lawsuit Debacle, Bowman Should Take A Hike

Leaders should be held accountable for the failures under their watch.

WINNIPEG, MB – As reported by MyToba’s Hal Anderson, the City of Winnipeg fired a lawyer after they missed a deadline, causing a $30 million lawsuit to be thrown out of court.

While firing the lawyer was the right move, it’s time for the city to fire another lawyer: Mayor Bowman himself should take a hike.

After all, leaders are responsible for what takes place under their watch. When good things happen, Bowman has been more than glad to take full credit.

Yet, the good things have been few and far between. Instead, numerous promises have been broken, taxes are up, “efficiencies” never emerged, millions of Winnipeg taxpayer dollars were wasted on a “diversity garden,” and an absurd amount of time has gone towards talking about opening Portage & Main while big problems go unsolved.

The $30 million debacle is the final straw.

Bowman was elected on a platform of modern competence and a tech-savvy administration. Unfortunately for Winnipeggers, all we’ve gotten is some selfies and incompetence.

Now, Bowman says we should expect “pain” in the next budget. Not exactly what he promised when he was trying to get our votes.

Enough is enough.

It’s time for Bowman to take a hike.

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website
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  • BN says:

    Bowman is no better than Sam.To him the 30 million is only tax payers money.
    It was pretty sloppy ,that nobody else in city hall did not catch this 30 million mistake.

  • Madeleine Gagnon says:

    I totally agree with ALL your comments! We have had enough of all those politicians. They don’t care if we’re old, sick, poor or without a job, and they never will. I do not vote anymore for anyone since the next guy will be the same as the previous one. I am old enough to have seen the pattern. Taxes and more taxes, high Hydro rates, water and sewer rates, food that increases from one purchase to the other, etc. We are so fed up with POLITICIANS. And, let’s also include Pallister with his sordid change to Health Care. I know I won’t die of Old Age!!!!!!

  • Alan Kerr says:

    yes , I totally with this viewpoint . Would we be able to Wpg Blue Bombers place kicker to punt Premier Brian out at the same time

  • allen paul says:

    Time for a better change Bowman should be gone even for just this last screw up.

  • Lorraine Kellner says:

    Yeh, since his election platform has gone by the wayside, so should Bowman.

    Time for you to leave City Hall!