Laurie Mustard: Why I believe in life after death


Do you believe there is some form of “life” after physical death? I do, and I’ll tell you why.

My mother, Ramona Mustard, had a bit of the same gift Winnipeg medium Lisa Scrivens has, she could “tune in” to energy/consciousness beyond what the norm is, and receive information us regular folk don’t, or at least don’t know we do.

Example, when my Grandma Lyle died, lying peacefully asleep in her hospital bed at Health Sciences Centre, my mom was sitting at her bedside. They were the only two in the room. Suddenly, with no visible change from my Grandma, Mom felt “a gentle swirling of Grandma’s loved ones, those who had gone before, come down around Grandma then lift away and all was silent and still again.” She got the nurse to check, and yes, Grandma had just died.

“Well she could have imagined that,” you say.

Could she have imagined, sitting in her Killarney home, 150 miles from Winnipeg one evening when our girls were very young, that her two young granddaughters were very ill? She called that evening, to say, “I’m sitting in my rocking chair here, with a girl in each arm, rocking them. There’s something wrong, what’s up?” She was correct. The girls, in their bedroom here in Winnipeg had a couple of nasty maladies, one being bronchial pneumonia, the other … I forget. What signal did she receive? There’s definitely more than we know “out there.”

Lisa Scrivens and the mysterious photo (above) of the telltale "energy field" created by her dead grandmother.

Lisa Scrivens and the mysterious photo (above) of the telltale “energy field” created by her dead grandmother.

Then there’s the time when my Aunt Sadie read Uncle Ab’s tea leaves and predicted, right down to the last detail, a train wreck the next day. He worked with the railroad. Swallowed all of his tea leaves after that. Now that information came to her from the future! Wrap your head around that.

Then there’s medium Lisa Scrivens, who has been seeing dead people since she was three years old. She wondered why other people couldn’t see them, till one day her Grandma, who also had “the gift” explained it was people who had died and “gone to Heaven.” Lisa tells me she used her gift reluctantly over the years (wasn’t comfortable with people’s reaction to it) till her deceased Grandma (Patricia) joined her in her car one day and told her, “Lisa, it’s time for you to start reading again.”

Grandma looked totally alive and present sitting in the passenger seat of Lisa’s car, and at a point where Lisa’s hand was on the stickshift, Grandma put her hand on Lisa’s “and it felt as warm as a human hand” recalls Lisa.

Grandma added, “If you don’t believe I’m really here, take my picture.” Lisa snapped a few pics with her phone, and what she found when she went through them left no doubt – a bright blast of energy over the passenger seat.

That was in May of 2012, at which time Lisa was working a full time job. By November of 2013, she had quit her job, and was working full time as the highly sought after medium she is today, connecting people with their not-really-dead loved ones. She loves that she is finally using her gift to help others.

Lisa and I met and talked for an hour and a half, the time just flew by, and believe me when I tell you she told me waaaaaay more than I can possibly fit in one short column, so this will be a two-part tale, the second one coming in a few days.

You’ll hear how she connects with spirit, some of her own private encounters with visitors from the other side, and even what she considers to be one of the most haunted places (that you can visit), here in Manitoba. In the meantime, check out her website at We are not … alone.

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