Hal’s Thoughts for the Week: January 25th

Hal Anderson

Congrats to the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers! They’ll be playing in Super Bowl 50 on February 7th. I’ll be honest, I’m cheering for the Broncos. The Panthers have had an amazing season, losing just one game all year. But for me, it comes down to the quarterbacks. This could very well be the last game for Peyton Manning while it looks like Cam Newton will almost certainly play many more. In other words, the old guy’s for the old guy. And if you haven’t already heard, Coldplay will headline the halftime show with appearances by Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. A lot of football fans have complained about that lineup. But come on, if you have to break it down, the game is for the fans and the entertainment is for everyone else. They have to get as many people as possible watching so they can charge all that money for the ads, as much as $5 million this year for a 30 second commercial. By the way, a new survey says 78% of us are looking forward to the ads more than the game itself. You have to admit, the Superbowl really does have something for everyone.

My wife and I are always debating the best before dates on foods. I see it as more of a suggestion. She sees it as a very strict deadline. Our latest debate came the other day after I made potato soup and asked her to grab some sour cream at the grocery store. They had sour cream past its best before date on sale but she instead paid full price for what she called the good stuff. Maybe you didn’t know this but yes, a store is allowed to sell food after the best before date has passed. You also may not know a couple other food facts I’ve discovered preparing for these debates with my wife. They’re both courtesy of the book “Unwrapping Food” by Daniel Tapper. *Toss out moldy bread, rather than trying to cut the mold out. It can contain strains of a toxic, yellow-green mold called Aspergillus flavus. *Never reheat rice from takeout orders as many restaurants make their rice in bulk and then reheat it as they need it. Rice should never be reheated twice, due to harmful bacteria.

The poor people of Flint, Michigan continue to deal with their drinking water crisis. There’s lead and other toxins in the city’s water after government decided to switch from Lake Huron to the Flint River almost two years ago to save money. I don’t know about you but I can’t help but think of our own brown water everytime I see coverage of the Flint story. Thank God our brown water was just ugly and not dangerous (or so they say, if you’re a conspiracy theorist). Celebrities are stepping up with bottled water and cash and I think we Winnipeggers should do the same by helping the Flint Water Fund. And while I’m glad this story is getting lots of attention, lets not forget about the ongoing water problems on First Nations across Canada including right here in Manitoba.

And I’ll leave you this week with a quick plug for an upcoming charity event. My friends Maggie Lee-Grant and her husband Dr. Alan Grant at Kildonan Place Dental Centre want you to come out for a night they’re sponsoring, The 15th Annual Big Daddy Tazz And Friends Comedy Night. It’s happening Friday, February 26th at Pantages Playhouse Theatre. You can get tickets at CNIB.



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  • Carol says:

    Hal, my husband and I have the same discussions regarding best before dates on food. He gets especially ticked off when I throw out milk from our fridge that has gone past the date, since I don’t drink milk.