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Two Arrested In Shania Chartrand Murder

Posted: April 10th at 8:00pm Featured, JUSTICE, NEWS, manitoba, Winnipeg
WINNIPEG, MB. — Two people have been arrested in the shooting death of Shania Chanel Chartrand. The 21-year-old woman was gunned down in the 200-block of Spence Street back on…

Four Shot In California School Murder-Suicide

Posted: April 10th at 1:54pm International, Featured, NEWS
SAN BERNARDINO, CA. — Four people have been shot at an elementary school in an apparent murder-suicide. It happened in a classroom at the Northpark Elementary School Monday morning in…

VIOLENCE DOWNTOWN: Shooting & Stabbing In Winnipeg Core

Posted: March 29th at 6:30pm Featured, NEWS, Winnipeg
WINNIPEG, MB - A shooting and potential stabbing are being investigated by Winnipeg Police. Both incidents took place around 3 in the afternoon. The stabbing took on Cumberland & Edmonton Street,…

Winnipeg Police Investigating Two Sunday Morning Shootings

Posted: March 27th at 1:00pm Featured, NEWS, Winnipeg
WINNIPEG, MB. - The Winnipeg Police responded to two separate shooting reports early Sunday morning. At 1:45 A.M. Police arrived at the intersection of Main Street and Dufferin Avenue to find…

Man Shot Dead After Incident at Paris Airport

Posted: March 18th at 8:47am International, Featured, NEWS
INTERNATIONAL NEWS – Paris's Orly airport has been evacuated after a man seized a soldier's gun and was shot dead. Saskia O'Donoghue has more details in this Reuters News video…

Winnipeg Spence Street Shooting Victim Identified

Posted: March 15th at 5:00pm Featured, NEWS, manitoba, Winnipeg
WINNIPEG, MB. — Winnipeg police have identified a recent homicide victim. Shania Chanel Chartrand, 21, was gunned down in Winnipeg's Colony neighbourhood. It happened Sunday night around 10:10pm in the…

Video Of The Day: Bowling Green Massacre

Posted: February 4th at 12:00pm Videos, Featured, LIFE
WINNIPEG, MB — Kellyanne Conway made headlines this week when she talked about a massacre that never happened. The Counselor to President Donald Trump defended her boss's refugee ban citing…

Man Recovering After East Elmwood Shooting

Posted: January 10th at 4:30pm Featured, NEWS, Winnipeg
WINNIPEG, MB — A man is recovering after he was shot in East Elmwood. It happened Monday afternoon around 2:15pm in the 600-block of Herbert Avenue. Police found the 32-year-old…

Winnipeg Police Hunting Murder Suspect

Posted: January 7th at 3:30pm Featured, NEWS, Winnipeg
WINNIPEG, MB — Winnipeg police need your help finding this wanted murder suspect following a raid. It happened around 11:50pm Friday night in the 800-block of College Avenue. Michael Tylor…

Multiple People Dead In Shooting At Fort Lauderdale Airport

Posted: January 6th at 2:46pm International, Featured, NEWS
World News - 5 people are dead, and at least 8 are wounded after a gunman opened fire opened fire at Terminal 2 of the airport. Terminal 1 and the…
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