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POLL: Pallister Approval Rating Hits New Low

Posted: September 26th at 3:00pm Featured, NEWS, POLITICS, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB - Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister's popularity has fallen again. A new Angus-Reid poll shows Pallister with an approval rating of 36%. That's down 5 points since June, and…

Pallister Comments On Brad Wall’s Retirement

Posted: August 10th at 7:30pm Featured, NEWS, POLITICS, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB. — Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall has announced he's retiring from politics. Manitoba premier Brian Pallister has released a statement on Wall's exit. — — I want to wish…

Premier Pallister Spars With Media

Posted: August 10th at 12:30pm Featured, NEWS, POLITICS, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB - The media has gone after Brian Pallister again over how he communicates with his staff when in Costa Rica. The Premier's staff failed to contact him at…

OPINION: Winnipeg “Diversity Gardens” A Huge Waste Of Money

Posted: July 30th at 1:27pm VOICES
How about fixing our roads and getting Churchill’s rail line back? WINNIPEG, MB – We live in a world of limited resources. That includes money. Governments don’t have a limitless…

Steven Fletcher Kicked Out Of PC Manitoba Caucus

Posted: June 30th at 12:11pm Featured, NEWS, POLITICS, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB - Steven Fletcher has been kicked out of the PC Caucus. The decision was made in a Caucus meeting and confirmed by Brian Pallister in a news conference.…

Pallister Takes Aim At Fed’s Carbon Pricing

Posted: June 29th at 5:30pm National, Featured, NEWS, POLITICS, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB. — Brian Pallister's provincial government has responded to Ottawa's proposed backstop and benchmarks for carbon pricing. It highlights the significant investments Manitobans have made in renewable energy. The…

OPINION: Fletcher 100% Right To Question Foolish Pallister Government Bill

Posted: June 13th at 6:30pm VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB - It's well-known that political parties in Manitoba - and Canada generally - are nothing more than elected dictatorships. Dissent and free thinking is crushed through an environment…

Pallister Blasts Trudeau & Trump

Posted: June 1st at 10:00am Featured, NEWS
WINNIPEG, MB - Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is letting Ottawa and Washington have it after the death of a woman in Minnesota who was trying to seek asylum here. The…

NDP’s Smith Rips Pallister “Cuts”

Posted: May 25th at 4:00pm Featured, NEWS, POLITICS, Winnipeg
WINNIPEG, MB - Point Douglas NDP candidate Bernadette Smith ripped into the Pallister government today, accusing them of cutting funding to groups in Winnipeg's North End. "Cutting funding for organizations that…

OPINION: Pallister Should Aim Higher & Take Trudeau To Court Over Carbon Tax

Posted: May 20th at 12:00pm LIFE
WINNIPEG, MB – The Trudeau government is arrogantly imposing a carbon tax on the entire country. Despite the fact that Canada is a miniscule contributor to global carbon emissions, and…
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