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Free After Five Years; U.S.-Canadian Family Rescued in Pakistan

Posted: October 12th at 1:51pm International, Featured, NEWS
INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Pakistan’s army rescued a kidnapped U.S.-Canadian couple and their three children on Wednesday after receiving intelligence from the United States, nearly five years after the couple was…

Don’t Get Fooled By These Fake News Stories!

Posted: August 10th at 8:30am Featured, media
WINNIPEG, MB - You hear about "Fake News" all the time. Here are a few bogus stories and the real facts behind them... Bogus News: “Get Ready! The Brightest Meteor…

Winnipeg’s Closing Sears Store Gets Pizza Party

Posted: August 5th at 2:28pm Featured, NEWS, Winnipeg
WINNIPEG, MB - Very often, good stories come from bad news...and this is certainly a case of that. As I'm sure you know by now, Sears Garden City in Winnipeg…

Head-On Crash Kills Woman

Posted: August 4th at 2:00pm Featured, NEWS, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB - Blue Hills RCMP say there was a deadly crash on Highway 10 About four o'clock yesterday afternoon, two vehicles collided a couple kilometers north of Forrest, Manitoba…

Winnipeg Cyclist Out Of Coma

Posted: August 4th at 12:30pm Featured, NEWS, Winnipeg
WINNIPEG, MB - A Winnipeg cyclist who was involved in a horrible accident two months ago has woken up from a coma. Janice Naccarato collided with an SUV on St.…

9 Hour Police Standoff On Main Street

Posted: August 4th at 12:00pm Featured, JUSTICE, NEWS
WINNIPEG, MB - A police standoff that started last night has ended peacefully. It began when Winnipeg Police spotted a man wanted on a Canada-wide warrant. When they tried to…

Winnipeg Man RRRolls Up His Rim To Win Big!

Posted: August 4th at 10:47am FEEL GOOD FRIDAYS, Featured, LIFE
WINNIPEG, MB - By RRRolling up the rim of his Tim Hortons cup, a Winnipeg man has won the grand prize in the Canada 150th Special Edition RRRoll Up The…

Today Is A Deadly Day

Posted: August 4th at 9:00am Featured, NEWS, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB - You may have read about this yesterday on MyToba. If you did, please consider this a reminder. If you didn't, check out these sobering stats as we…

Omnitrax Still Won’t Pay

Posted: August 2nd at 12:00pm Featured, NEWS, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB - It appears the owner of the rail line to Churchill is digging in. It's being reported Omnitrax says it's no longer obligated by a 2008 deal that…

“Significant” Amount Of Cash Found In St. James

Posted: August 2nd at 10:09am Featured, NEWS, Winnipeg
WINNIPEG, MB - Did you lose a "significant" amount of money? Well, Winnipeg Police may have it. The cash was found in an envelope with some personal items (see photo…
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