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United Way Winnipeg Launches

Posted: March 2nd at 6:00pm Featured, LIFE, tech
WINNIPEG, MB. — United Way Winnipeg has launched during an update on the urgent need for help with a recent surge of refugee claimants coming to Winnipeg. For the…

RCMP Intercept 39 More Asylum Seekers

Posted: February 27th at 7:30pm Featured, NEWS, manitoba
EMERSON, MB. — Manitoba RCMP have released the latest figures about asylum seekers illegally entering Canada. Mounties arrested 39 people near Emerson, Manitoba between Wednesday last week and 11:00am Monday.…

11 People Crossed Manitoba Border This Weekend

Posted: February 26th at 6:00pm Featured, NEWS, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB - 11 people illegally crossed the Manitoba-US border over the weekend. According to Reeve Greg Janzen, Seven asylum seekers crossed on Saturday, four on Sunday. The number of…

Manitoba Increases Funding For Refugee Claimant Support

Posted: February 23rd at 11:00am Featured, NEWS, manitoba, Winnipeg
WINNIPEG, MB - The Manitoba Government has announced increased funding to support the growing number of refugee claimants entering Manitoba. Here are the details: 14 units of emergency housing will…

RCMP Intercepted 22 People Illegally Crossing At Manitoba Border

Posted: February 19th at 6:30pm Featured, NEWS, manitoba
EMERSON, MB - Manitoba RCMP have announced that they intercepted 22 people illegally crossing the Manitoba border near Emerson between February 18, to February 19. The individuals were taken to…

More Illegal Border Crossings Into Manitoba Sunday

Posted: February 19th at 11:30am Featured, NEWS, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB - There have been more border crossings from the United States. The crossings took place Sunday morning at Emerson. One woman fell and injured her knee, requiring assistance…

Opinion: Winnipeg Should Not Become A Sanctuary City

Posted: February 15th at 7:00pm Featured, NEWS, Winnipeg, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB – There has been some talk lately about declaring Winnipeg a “Sanctuary City.” While the actual meaning of “Sanctuary City” is vague, its key effect would be to…

7 More Refugees Caught Near Emerson Border

Posted: February 13th at 7:30pm National, International, Featured, NEWS, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB. — Manitoba RCMP say seven more refugees were arrested overnight. It happened between Sunday, February 12th and Monday morning. All were apprehended at the international border near Emerson,…

More Illegal Manitoba Border Crossings Likely

Posted: February 12th at 12:36pm Featured, NEWS, manitoba
EMERSON, MB - The growing number of people coming across the Manitoba border from the United States shows no signs of letting up. Emerson has been dealing with border crossings…

21 Caught Illegally Crossing Manitoba Border

Posted: February 11th at 5:10pm Featured, NEWS, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB - Manitoba RCMP intercepted a total of 21 people illegally crossing the Manitoba Border overnight. The individuals crossed in two groups at Emerson. All the border crossers requested…
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