Gas prices soon to jump?

With the stability of the local gas prices over the past few weeks, Winnipeg residents may have begun wondering when to expect a spike in fuel costs. City-wide, most gas stations are sitting at $92.4. This cost-per-litre puts Winnipeg within the top five communities across Canada.

So what does this all mean?

Winnipeg is doing well – but it may be time to top up the family vehicle. With the first full week of school beginning, paired with the opening week of many sporting tryouts and teams, it is a common fact that Winnipeg streets and roadways see some of the most traffic year-round in mid-September.

Gas prices will climb back up to around the dollar mark shortly. Many Canadian cities are hovering at over one dollar-per-litre, with Vancouver taking the prize at nearly $1.30. Winnipeg is bound to climb back closer to most of its neighbours.

When will this happen? We don’t know. But what we do know is that we are paying a lot less per litre this year than we were last year at this time. Take advantage of it, Winnipeg!


Carter Brooks is a news writer/reporter and sports columnist situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Carter spent time with The Hockey News Magazine in Toronto, and currently writes sports for Game On Magazine and SEVEN Magazine. On top of reading and writing, coaching hockey is his favourite pastime.
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  • ed says:

    Harper government $100.00 barrel of oil $1.15 a litre
    Trudeau government $45.00 barrel of oil $1.00 a litre
    Thanks Justin

  • C.R. Koss says:

    We are constantly being told that our gas comes from the USA hence ther higher prices. If this is indeed the case, why do Americans in Grand Forks buy gas for $2.20 per gallon,(approximately $.59 per litre) while we are continually gouged. Some one is not telling us the truth.

    • G Searcy says:

      The gas you burn in Winnipeg comes from the major refineries in Edmonton & co-op refinery in Regina. No gas is exported into this country across the prairies unless there is a dire emergency.