Winnipeg police identify cyclist killed by semi-trailer

Winnipeg police are thanking the public for helping them identify a woman who was killed while bicycling near Main Street and Logan Avenue.

It happened Wednesday evening around 5:45pm. The victim did not have identification on her and police issued a press release asking for the public’s assistance. She was described as being in her late 20s or early 30s with a thin build and medium length dark brown hair.

The cyclist was travelling northbound on the west sidewalk near Logan when a semi-trailer made a westbound turn onto Logan from a northbound direction and struck her.

On Saturday, police confirmed that they had identified the woman and notified her family. They have not released her name.

— MyToba News

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  • woxof says:

    How can one run over, and kill a cyclist and no charges are contemplated. How many have to be killed every year? Certainly more than triggered the school speeding traps

    • Bill Crawley says:

      It is called a sideWALK…….!

    • Gord H says:

      unfortunately cyclist’s have a mentality that they own the road, I see this daily and amazed it doesn’t happen more often as cyclists and or someone walking, not stop at roadways and just walks into traffic at small intersections with no regard to the traffic. Just look at this accident, one thing is very clear, this person does not like the rules set out by a government, NO I.D. Police should start ticketing drivers of all vehicles for not having the proper I.D.

    • Jo says:

      Saw the accident the cyclist ran into the semi trailer
      I am a cyclist and I follow the rules and laws there are so many cyclist who are bad and don’t obey
      In this case cyclist was in the wrong and ran a red light

  • David says:

    Stay off the sidewalk (illegal) because a driver does not expect a cyclist on the sidewalk, especially driving a big truck.