WFPS seeking $11.8M budget boost

Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service is about to get an $11.8-million boost to its budget.

That will bring the total funding to about $190-million per year.

The service will be adding 24 paramedics to help deal with high demand in the city’s downtown.

Most of the budget goes into staffing costs.

WFPS Chief John Lane will address a city committee regarding what the extra money will be used for.

Winnipeg’s next budget will be voted on by city council later this week.

It is expected to pass.


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  • gh says:

    Who the hell do they think is going to pay for this, unless they are buying lotto tickets. The public has been taped out with all the tax increases already. Soon I will have to move to another city or province just to live out my retirement. My last increase from my pension plan was $0.53 per month after tax. I guess we need to buy cheaper cat food.

  • Thatguy says:

    Nice reporting. The title says WFPS is ASKING for a boost, and then the first sentence of the article is saying that they are going to get a boost.

    I guess all city departments can ask for whatever they want, it’s just a forgone conclusion in Winnipeg that money is no object, after all the city can just raise taxes.

  • Marshall says:

    Maybe if they got rid of the helicopter and did not buy that armored truck they could save some money. That is a start.