Winnipeg buys up leftover mosquito malathion

Winnipeg has purchased some second-hand malathion from Saskatchewan.

Supplies of the mosquito killing chemical have been dwindling since the poison’s manufacturer demanded the city sign an indemnification waiver.

The city refused and has since been testing a hybrid product called DeltaGard as Health Canada examines whether to approve the mixture.

Winnipeg hopes to switch over to DeltaGard in 2017.

The 67 10-litre jugs were originally ordered by our neighbouring province in 2003 and left in storage.

The jugs have developed a slight leak but tests show the malathion is still potent.

The deal cost taxpayers $12,500 and no waiver had to be signed.

At the end of this summer, there was only enough malathion left to treat Winnipeg one and a half more times.

Research has found DeltaGard is less lethal to insects other than mosquitoes and has little effect on humans, which would eliminate fogging buffer zones.

Malathion has been known to cause cancer and is lethal in large doses.


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