Taz Stuart leads new Manitoba Party

Manitoba has a new provincial political party.

The Manitoba Party has officially registered with Elections Manitoba.

They plan to run against the Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, and NDP on April 19th.

They’re being led by Taz Stuart.

Stuart was a well-known and well-liked civil servant who led Winnipeg’s mosquito fighting program.

He unsuccessfully ran in the last civic election to become city councillor of the River Heights ward.

Lower taxes for all

The Manitoba Party’s main platform is based on lower taxes.

That contrasts the NDP’s platform, with current Premier Greg Selinger saying he wouldn’t rule out further tax increases.

The Manitoba Party’s calling for the PST to be cut to five per cent from eight.

PST pain

The NDP drew the ire of Manitobans when it raised the provincial sales tax from seven per cent in 2013.

The Manitoba Party also proposes a flat income tax of 10 per cent for all Manitobans.

Gary Marshall is party president.

It is rumoured former Liberals Joe Chan and Bob Axworthy, and child welfare advocate Kim Edwards are being courted as candidates.


Photo courtesy Facebook

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  • Mike Risk says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your campaign platform. Putting money back into the pockets of the coffers is the right way to go. The Mayor of Brandon had the same idea by eliminating the “CITY BUSINESS TAX”. Lost revenue was more then offset by new businesses moving into the area which generated tax revenue through the sale of new homes and other commodities.
    It’s also odd to think Manitobans find it less costly to reside in British Columbia (BC – Bring Cash) including for such things as medications?
    If memory serves me, an economist after lengthy research stated, Canada could have a fair and equitable income tax base if the government was to have a flat rate of 20% across the board.
    Also, if memory serves, Jesse Ventura tried running on a similar platform in Minnesota as Governor whereby he wanted to eliminate the income tax altogether. He was of the belief that if the people had more money in their pockets they would spend it as well as pay down debt – which is a serious situation in this country – personal debt load….

  • Denis says:

    A New party I like this maybe we can just do way with the Not Dependable Party as they have done nothing but lined there pocket with tax payer dollars!!!! hey folks that your money and a referendum to see Manitoba needs a Bill like C-518 so any crooked gov worker or MLA should be stripped of any pension if found to have stolen from Taxpayer