Selkirk Makes Public Recycling More Convenient

The City of Selkirk has joined forces with The Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) and its Recycle Everywhere program to bring all garbage and recycling receptacles in the city together, to make recycling in public spaces as easy and convenient as possible.

Recycle Everywhere is Canada’s first permanent province-wide, away-from-home beverage container recycling program. Recycle Everywhere has partnered with communities across Manitoba and provided them with the best recycling bins designed to suit their space.

A cost-shared investment of $100,000 has put 80 Recycle Everywhere dual-stream garbage and recycling receptacles in strategic locations throughout the City of Selkirk, from The Waterfront to Selkirk Park and Transit stops to street corners.

They’ve replaced the previous system, which featured both garbage and recycling bins, but not necessarily in the same location.

Selkirk Mayor Larry Johannson said council is thrilled to be working with Recycle Everywhere to create a greener environment in the city.

“We are grateful for our partnership with Recycle Everywhere. Together we are investing into this important green infrastructure for our community. We look forward to working with Recycle Everywhere on future endeavors,” Johannson said.

Selkirk CAO Duane Nicol said improving public access to recycling is all part of the city’s Strategic Plan to improve its environmental stewardship, by helping citizens make better choices.

“With the new system there will be a recycling container attached to the garbage container, so there’s parity. We’ve also selected better locations; strategically placing the dual-stream containers in prime spots,” Nicol said.

Ken Friesen, executive director for CBCRA said the new bins will make recycling easy.

“We are proud to be working with the City of Selkirk to increase recycling with our Recycle Everywhere bins. The more opportunities people have to recycle the more they will be inclined to do so which in turn also reduces littering in the city,” Friesen said.

The citizens of Selkirk have a long history of embracing the environment and making sure that they’re responsible recyclers in their homes, which is proven by the success of the city’s residential recycling program. According to Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba’s most recent statistics, Selkirk residents recycle almost one million kilograms, or 99.14 kgs per capita, per year, the highest rate among municipalities reporting in the Interlake region.

“We were leaders with the implementation of curbside recycling decades ago in our community. Today we continue to build on the vision set by previous councils; helping citizens be responsible stewards of our environment,” Johannson said.

Convenient dual-stream receptacles throughout the city will make recycling in the community just as embraceable.

“The idea here is we want to remove all the barriers to recycling in the community,” Nicol said.

“One of those barriers is having to walk too far with a recyclable beverage container in your hand. If there’s a garbage receptacle, and not a recycling one, most times people won’t carry their recyclable to the next recycling bin, they’ll deposit it in the garbage.”

Dan McDermid, the city’s director of operations, said the new system will bring garbage and recycling receptacles together in strategic locations that will make it easy for the public to act green when they’re running errands or enjoying outdoor activities in the city.

“There was no real system before. Some sites had garbage here, and two blocks away there was a recycling can,” McDermid said.

Nicol said the dual-stream system will also reduce what’s called ‘recycling contamination’ or the amount of garbage going into the recycling stream.

“We know Recycle Everywhere bins can make a difference,” Friesen said.

“We have seen the proof in many communities. Our continued Recycle Everywhere promotion and education campaign helps Manitobans understand what can be recycled and why it is important that everyone does their part.”

Some of the city’s old public garbage and recycling system included everything from repurposed steel drums to containers hanging on lamp standards.

McDermid said the dual-stream containers are “very appealing” and will enhance the community.

View a map of the locations of the new receptacles,

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Christa Rust, Program Manager, CBCRA/Recycle Everywhere

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Dan McDermid, Director of Operations

City of Selkirk

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