Obama Gives Heartfelt Thanks to Michelle

In Tuesday night’s farewell speech, President Barack Obama thanked his wife, Michelle – “the girl of the south side” – for making the White House “a place that belongs to everybody.”

He also praised his daughters for becoming “amazing young women” under the “strangest of circumstances.” 15-year-old Sasha was not able to attend the speech because she had an exam the next day.

Obama then thanked Vice President Joe Biden, the “scrappy kid from Scranton,” who became like family during his presidency.

— E. Epp, MyToba News

E. Epp is an ethical fashion writer and graphic designer who works with fashion and creative entrepreneurs.
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  • Bev Dueck says:

    A very class act from start to finish that will be hard to follow.

    • Farley Hoopthrash says:

      I won’t disagree with the Golf Course Gentleman President, but he didn’t accomplish anything, all we heard was “I’m gonna change” it didn’t happen. We are now in for Change Good or Bad it’s going to be Change.