Clean Environment Commission holds MMTP hearings

The Manitoba government has asked the Clean Environment Commission (CEC) to hold public hearings on Manitoba Hydro’s proposed Manitoba/Minnesota Transmission Project (MMTP).

“We want Manitobans to have the opportunity to share their views on this proposed transmission line and for their views to be taken into account by the Clean Environment Commission,” said Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Tom Nevakshonoff.  “Building Manitoba Hydro now is a key priority of our government so that we can ensure the electricity is there when we need it in the future.  We want to make sure that any proposals engage Manitoba citizens fully.”

The project will include the construction and operation of a high-voltage transmission line from the Dorsey Converter Station northwest of Winnipeg to the American border south of Piney.

The hearings will allow for a public review.  Manitoba Hydro’s environmental-impact statement on a preferred route for the MMTP was prepared following an extensive public and stakeholder engagement process, the minister said.

The CEC is an arm’s-length provincial agency that encourages and facilitates public involvement in environmental matters.  The CEC offers advice and recommendations to the minister with respect to environmental issues, project approvals and environmental licences.

The CEC will begin planning for the hearings immediately. More information on the process and funding assistance will be available in the coming weeks at

The terms of reference included with the minister’s letter noted the Crown-Indigenous consultation process for the project would be conducted separately.

The environmental impact statement can be viewed at


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