CS3 Partners names Manitoba’s Top 100 Difference Makers of 2014

Manitobans have long been considered to be the most generous in Canada and CS3 Partners are celebrating a great year in community service by recognizing 100 Difference Makers in the province. From providing shelter to the homeless and feeding the hungry to comforting a cancer patient or making sure children are safe, these 100 Difference Makers are helping to improve the quality of life for many Manitobans.

“This list of 100 includes individuals, non-profits and businesses throughout Manitoba that have contributed time, money, services, or ideas to help make Manitoba a better place to live and do business,” said Tom Scott, a director from CS3 Partners. “They all deserve to be recognized and honoured. They are true role models.”

Lisa Tjaden from Radiance Gifts has participated in the annual CEO Sleepout and recently teamed up with the Never Alone Foundation in providing wellness tools for those receiving cancer treatments. “It’s not just part of our corporate footprint,” Tjaden stated.  “It’s a commitment and a desire to make this a better world for all,” she said.

“More and more individuals and organizations are realizing the importance of working together,” said Scott. “One person can’t change the world, but they can start a movement. This list not only represents dollars raised, but millions of hours of volunteer time and engagement and sometimes that’s all it takes.”

This year’s list includes some well-known personalities such as Ace Burpee and Mayor Brian Bowman and also the names of some quiet heroes like Lisa Webinger, Callie’s Backpacks and Lunches with Love.

“It’s an honour to recognize these 100 Difference Makers for 2014 and we’re excited to see what they do in 2015,” said Scott.

Manitoba’s Top 100 Difference Makers (in no particular order)

1. Kelly Hemmett

2. Never Alone Foundation

3. Lisa Webinger

4. Lisa Dyck

5. Cornell Crème

6. Jodi Moskal

7. Kevin Anseeuw

8. Lyle Bauer

9. Radiance Gifts

10. Floyd Wiebe

11. Shelley Cook

12. Kevin Chief

13. Sachit Mehra

14. Brian Bowman

15. Michael Champagne

16. Sean Barnes – PCL Construction

17. Albert El Tassi

18. Althea Guiboche

19. Brian Scharfstein

20. Siloam Mission

21. Callie Costello

22. Sierra Noble

23. Chief Devon Clunis

24. Chris Loewen

25. Floyd Perras

26. Lynne Marie Roy

27. Mohamed El Tassi

28. Mohammad Almaleki

29. Spencer Fernando

30. Stefano Grande

31. Ally Beauchesne

32. Dave Cunnin

33. Agape Table

34. Doug Speirs

35. Nancy Chippendale

36. MacDonald Youth Services

37. Joseph Ranseth

38. Winnipeg Harvest

39. Danny Boyko

40. Salvation Army

41. Boys & Girls Club

42. Jocelyn House

43. St.Amant Centre

44. Ron Cantiveros

45. Andrea Robin

46. Kal Barteski

47. Kirsten Godbout

48. Christmas Cheer Board

49. Lisa Tjaden

50. The Broadway Neighbourhood Centre

51. Spence Neighbourhood Association

52. Belinda Squance

53. Trudy Lavallee

54. Susie Erjavec Parker

55. Ace Burpee

56. Villa Rosa

57. Marymound

58. Hoodies For Homeless

59. Winnipeg Police Service

60. Manitoba Marathon

61. Rossbrook House

62. Lunches With Love

63. Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation

64. RaY

65. PCL Construction

66. Volunteer Winnipeg

67. Hal Anderson

68. Missing Manitoba

69. My Team Triumph

70. Winnipeg Boldness Project


72. Varity Manitoba

73. Goodbear

74. Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata

75. Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council

76. KidSport Winnipeg

77. Arlisa Greco

78. North End Family Centre

79. Transplant Manitoba

80. Mike Duerksen

81. Larry McIntosh

82. Marie and Kirby Fontaine

83. Shirlee Preteau

84. Michael Schiefer

85. Dave Black

86. Ian McCausland

87. Norway House Animal Rescue Network

88. Décor Cabinets

89. Varity Manitoba

90. Drew (Putty)

91. Shine Dental

92. Stacey Shott

93. Winnipeg Sun

94. Paul Bennett

95. Atticus McIlraith

96. Jeff McWhinney

97. Winnipeg Free Press

98. Mark Chipman

99. Gail Asper

100. Joe Aiello

CS3 Partners

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