Call for groups to speak at Lance Muir inquest

The province is calling for applicants to participate in a standing inquest next month looking into the death of Lance Muir.

In May 2010, police were called to a residence on Langside in Winnipeg and found Muir behind the house.

After a confrontation, Muir was shot. He was transported to Health Sciences Centre where he was later pronounced dead.

An autopsy determined the cause of death was a gunshot wound to his chest.

Muir was a tattoo artist known to police as a former member of the Spartans biker gang.

Inquests provide a way to examine complex cases and recommend how similar situations can be better handled in the future.

Individuals and groups can apply to speak at the inquest and a judge will approve or deny their request for standing.

Those interested in applying for standing should contact the counsel, John Barr, at 204-945-7380 or before November 2nd.

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