Bowman: 2016 ‘year of reconciliation’

It’s been a year since Winnipeg was named the most racist city in Canada.

Mayor Brian Bowman says 2016 will be the year of reconciliation.

He held a news conference at City Hall Friday to address the progress made since Winnipeg received the unwanted title in a scathing article that appeared in Maclean’s magazine.

“A year ago today, Maclean’s magazine identified Winnipeg as the most racist city in Canada.”

“As a community, we had to choose between dismissing that characterization or acknowledging we needed to strengthen our efforts in building understanding and empathy, and celebrating the diversity that makes our city strong.”

One Summit

Bowman held a gathering called One Summit at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights back in September.

It discussed actions the City of Winnipeg will take moving forward to tackle issues of race head on.

“Over the last year, I believe we were able to reignite the public conversation and dialogue on racism and inclusion, and I believe we have been able to shift the tone.”

“We need to continue our efforts, however, and by declaring 2016 as a Year of Reconciliation for Winnipeg it will build on the important work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and enable us to continue the dialogue and maintain our focus, as a community, to be more inclusive.”

Building relationships

One initiative is the development of an Urban Aboriginal Accord.

Bowman says the goal is to build relationships between the city, and Aboriginal people and their governments.

For the full statement by the mayor, visit his website here.


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