Author Harper Lee dies at age 89

Nelle Harper Lee, who won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1961 for her book, To Kill a Mockingbird, passed away this morning at the age of 89.

Multiple sources in her hometown of Monroeville have confirmed her death.

The reclusive author was born on April 28, 1926. She was the youngest of lawyer Amasa Coleman Lee and Frances Cunningham Finch Lee’s four children.

Lee worked as an airlines reservations clerk while writing To Kill a Mockingbird, which took her eight years. It was finally published on July 11, 1960, to critical and commercial success.

After suffering a stroke in 2007, she resumed her quiet life in the hometown where she spent many of her 89 years. The author was protected by Monroeville residents, who display Mockingbird-themed murals and stage To Kill a Mockingbird plays each year.

Services for Lee have not yet been announced.

– MyToba News

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