Today in History – March 20th

WINNIPEG, MB. – Today in Canadian history in 1878 Newfoundland’s first telephone was installed. Also, in 2004 a young Stephen Harper became the leader of the brand new Conservative Party of Canada. See what other interesting events too place on this this date through history.

1525: Paris’ parliament begins pursuit of Protestants

1815: Napoleon enters Paris after escape from Elba, begins 100-day rule

1878: Postmaster-General John Delaney and meteorologist John Higgins install Newfoundland’s First telephone.

1897: 1st known intercollegiate basketball game, Yale beats Penn 32-10

1933: Dachau, 1st Nazi concentration camp, completed

1944: Lt. Gen. Harry Crerar appointed to command of 1st Canadian Army; largest field formation ever formed by Canada; includes British, Dutch, Belgian, and Polish units.

1968: Toronto rocker Neil Young arrested on drug charges; later fined.

1995: Poison Gas released in Tokyo subway 12 killed, 4,700 injured

2004: Stephen Harper wins on the first ballot to become leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition.

2016: Barack Obama becomes the first US President to visit Cuba since 1928, arriving for a 2 day tour

– Carter Brooks, MyToba News

Photo from Tumblr

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