Pinterest provides go-to gift ideas for guys without a clue


I’m in the middle of an absolutely mind-blowing revelation. I’ll never buy a bad gift for my girlfriend or any of the other women in my life again.

I have discovered Pinterest.

I’m a guy’s guy; I’ll probably never use Pinterest. It’s not exactly my thing. I am all over Twitter and Instagram posting pictures of me shooting guns, lifting weights and driving trucks (Birchwood Chevrolet has the best trucks in the city).

Well, I won’t use it the way it was intended.

For those who don’t follow the dating exploits of Tess and I, you probably don’t know how much I love Winnipeg, Tess and everything about the prairies. But that about sums up what I love. Well, I also like camping, the outdoors, shooting stuff, and going for rips on the RZR. I’m a dude, so I don’t exactly know much about girly stuff.

Tess is a city girl and loves things that make no sense to me. She takes me into stores on streets in Winnipeg that I had no idea existed. We by stuff that I can’t believe someone thought was necessary. There are literally stores that sell just candles and tea, with like 100 different scents and flavours.

Pinterest narrows things down so I don’t screw up. I owe them a huge thank you. It was Tess’s birthday a few days ago. I nailed it. I didn’t get her anything from her wall on Pinterest. However, I used it to make sure that what I got matched the things she pinned.

I stayed local on this one, supported the best businesses in Winnipeg. My girl went crazy for all of the stuff. Here’s what I got her:

Leather and Lace jewelry. I got her a “so cute, it’s got an arrow to lock it together” bracelet. Joanne Patenaude has created an amazing line. If you don’t leave it to the last minute, you can give her a picture and she can create something. It’s an epic win for a guy trying to impress a girl. This is a definite hidden Winnipeg gem. No storefront, just connect with her on Facebook. You can also see all her work on Instagram.

Tiber River Naturals. This is a go-to for any guy in Manitoba. I got Tess hand creams and body butter. She just about lost her mind. Boys, they also have a line, just for us. And from now until Dec. 15, 1o per cent of the sales from this link will go to Project Echo and Sam’s Christmas Charity.  

Gentlemen, Christmas is right around the corner. This is salvation right here. The ideas are online on Pinterest. It’s also awesome to find the local options.

Let’s take back gift-giving, men. We will no longer fear the holidays!

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