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WINNIPEG. MB. – Much like Brandon Stanton’s highly acclaimed ‘Humans of New York‘ series, Jeff Lomas’ Global Issues class of Winnipeg’s Technical Vocational High School took to the streets of Winnipeg in search of the interesting stories from everyday people of the local community.

Alongside James Carey Lauder and Ron Gilfillan’s photography students, the pupils belonging to this Global Issues class did a wonderful job capturing some of the most unique details from a handful of Manitoba’s everyday residents, and have compiled these tales and photographs for their own book.

For Lomas, it has been an experience that he won’t soon forget.

People in Winnipeg is all about the everyday person,” he said. “It is about highlighting the city’s diversity – through photographs, and words – because everyone has a story. The Global Issues students as well as the photography students at Tec-Voc set out to meet these everyday people. To photograph them. To listen to them, and ultimately, to share their stories and quotes through the book.”

And how did this book come to be? According to Lomas, it happened in a quite unique manner.

“I was given the book, ‘Humans of New York’ as a gift, and was just captivated with the stories of regular everyday people,” he said. “I then got to thinking about how and if I could incorporate it into my own lessons. Somewhere along the line I got the crazy idea of creating a book about the People in Winnipeg and selling it to make money to donate to charity. That is essentially how the project evolved. I realized I could fit it into my Global Issues class with the Take Action project and went from there. I wasn’t sure how it would go, or how the students would react to the idea of participating in a project like this, but figured why not give it a shot!”

And did he ever give it a shot.

Lomas hit the nail right on the head with his project. Not only was it a learning experience for both the Global Issues and the Photography classes of students, but also a project of meaning, as all proceeds from People in Winnipeg will be shared amongst four local charities as selected by the Global Issues students.

The project was introduced to the students as part of the Take Action community-based project of the Manitoba Global Issues curriculum.

As stated in the Global Issues Project Rationale:

As part of the Global Issues curriculum students are required to participate in a Take Action project whereby the “students should have opportunities to become mindful, hopeful citizens who appreciate the power of collaboration and who contribute to a more equitable and sustainable world.”

Below is a gallery of images from the off-site public interviews.

The people pictured below either verbally agreed to be included in the project, or signed a waiver indicating they agreed.

GALLERY:  Click on photos to view larger file

– Carter Brooks, MyToba News

Carter Brooks is a news writer/reporter and sports columnist situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Carter spent time with The Hockey News Magazine in Toronto, and currently writes sports for Game On Magazine and SEVEN Magazine. On top of reading and writing, coaching hockey is his favourite pastime.
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  • Jeffrey Lomas says:

    What must not be lost in the making of this project is the incredible and beautiful work graphic arts student Ophélie Petit did under the guidance of Trish and Jim Goldrup.