Five ways to use Facebook to advance your career


Facebook is without a doubt one of the top three social media sites online today. It may even be No. 1. Not only do individuals use it for fun and to keep up with their friends, but businesses use it to connect with customers, keep up with clients and establish trust. Never before has it been so easy to connect with a business that you want to work for.

You can also find information and connect with groups of people that have similar interests through groups. These groups can help you find out about jobs or help you learn new skills or connect with people that work in your industry. And let’s not forget the events; if you connect with the right people you can get invited to live events in you region or you can find out about online events that can be very beneficial to job searchers.

Here are five ways you can use Facebook to help you advance your career:

1. Join groups

There are thousands of groups on Facebook filled with active users that have the same or similar interests as you. Thanks to Facebook’s great search function, it is easier than ever to search for those groups.

First you need to decide what search term to use. That depends on how focused you want the groups you are in to be. Start general and become more specific as you can. So you might want to start with “job seekers” or “IT jobs” or “administrative careers.” Don’t click on anything though. Put in your search term and then a drop down menu will appear. Click on “see more results for” at the bottom of that drop down menu and click on Groups to get a list of groups on that topic.

2. Start your own professional Facebook page

This is an important point. You likely don’t want to connect with other pages using your personal profile, because you post personal stuff there. Start your own professional Facebook page with your full name and a title that identifies you as someone in your field of study. So if you are a software developer, call your page “Your Name – Software Developer.” If you are committed to a specific area and have no intention of moving you could call it “Your Name – Software Developer in Your City.” I don’t recommend this unless you are extremely committed to the area, because you can’t change this once you have more than a certain amount of likes.

Now, since you want to connect with other individuals and other pages, you need to learn to use Facebook as your page and not as your profile. This is easy.

When you go to a page you own there is an Admin Panel above the actual page content. 

First, click on Edit Page. A drop down menu will appear. Second, at the bottom of the menu, click on Use Facebook as (your professional page). Finally, click on Home to see the pages you follow. You won’t actually have any yet, but now you can go and look for company pages and people who have pages that you can connect with. Like their pages and follow their updates the same way you see your friends’ updates. You can comment on them from your professional page, instead of from your personal profile.

I’ll talk more about using Facebook pages for career advancement and job search in the future.

3. Identify and learn about companies you want to work with

Search for companies that you want to work with and like their Facebook pages. Since you want to really connect with them, make sure to get notifications from their page so you will know when they update the page. You can get a better overall feel for what the company is like by following their page.

Here is how you do it:

4. Find local events

You can search for events the same way you searched for groups. Using a simple term like “job fairs” you get these results. You can narrow it down by adding local keywords like your province or your city.

5. Find online events and webinars

Again, use the search function in the same manner. Add the search term “webinar” and you’ll find online talks you can join for free.

Facebook can be an awesome tool for job searchers. You just need to know how to use it. I’ll talk more about using Facebook in more specific ways in the future!

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