Five reasons why Winnipeg is an awesome city

Summertime in Winnipeg is pretty awesome. The days are incredibly long, the weather is sheer perfection and the city offers so many amazing things to do that it can seem like there isn’t enough time to scratch everything off of our summer bucket lists. Not only are we lucky to live in the province of Manitoba, which offers a ton of excellent lakes, hiking trails, camping sites and beaches, but the capital itself is filled with so much goodness that we’re feeling grateful to call Winnipeg home. And even though we’re really loving this dreamy summer, we’ve been thinking about all of the incredible things the city has to offer during all seasons of the year.

To celebrate our love for the capital of Manitoba, we’ve created a list of five reasons why Winnipeg is an awesome city:

ELISA GLASIER, United Way Winnipeg

ELISA GLASIER, United Way Winnipeg

There’s a legitimate reason why we’ve been given the nickname Friendly Manitoba. If you live in Winnipeg or have recently visited this gem of a city, you’ll know that Manitobans and Winnipeggers are REALLY nice to each other. In fact, we’re so passionate about being nice that we organized an entire DAY dedicated to making the conscious act of being kind to people in order to create a happier city. But what makes Winnipeg so special is that even though it’s a large metropolitan area with nearly 700,000 residents, we never let the hustle and bustle of city life get in the way of being respectful, kind and considerate to the people around us. We pride ourselves on our ability to rally together, be proactive and work to make our home a better place for everyone.


Because Winnipeg is so culturally diverse, the sheer amount of spectacular eateries is one of the reasons why this city is so AWESOME. With choices ranging from authentic french, thai, vietnamese, italian, mexican + much more, our chefs and culinary masters pride themselves on creating savoury dishes that are made from fresh, local ingredients. And even if you’re on the go, you can still indulge in some high quality fare with one of the many food trucks that line up at The Forks and Broadway during summertime. Whether you’re in the mood for gourmet chicken wings, Filipino rice, wood-fired pizza, souvlaki or burgers and fries, you’re sure to find something in Winnipeg that’ll tantalize your taste buds!


No matter what time of year it is in Winnipeg, residents and tourists can always find something to do because of the incredible amount of festivals held in the city. Whether you’re a lover of music, culture, theatre or food, you’re sure to find an activity to get excited about. With festivals like Folkorama, Fringe Fest, Aboriginal Day, Culture Days, Folk Fest, Manyfest and more, Winnipeg does an incredible job at getting people excited and engaged during the year – even during the snowy season! Our province is known for its long, cold winters but instead of hibernating indoors, the city of Winnipeg holds their annual 10 day winter festival that celebrates the historical French Canadian culture. With incredible music, delicious cuisine, snow sculptures and a variety of recreational and educational activities, Festival du Voyageur is the biggest winter festival in all of Western Canada!


Winnipeg is one of the most interesting cities to be in because of the vast amount of fun and informative attractions available to the public. Whether you spend the day strolling through the Assiniboine Zoo, learn about the history of Winnipeg while sampling cultural delicacies at The Forks or you tour around the captivating Canadian Museum for Human Rights, this city has no shortage of activities for everyone of all ages.


One of the reasons why Winnipeg is such a fun city to live in is the incredible amount of different neighbourhoods and parks there are. With areas like trendy and hip Osborne village, cool Corydon, historical St. Boniface, family-friendly East Kildonan and laid-back Wolseley, residents of this city have a ton of options to choose from when it comes to living, dining, celebrating, shopping and more! While they’re all different, each and every charming neighbourhood and park in the city has something special to offer and make Winnipeg the most AWESOME city to live in.

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