Growing a Small Local Business, Not so Easy.

Starting a business is never easy. Investing all your time and effort into a service or product that you

believe in, can really stress you out. Myles Haverluck knows this to be all too true. Myles currently owns

and operates the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy in Dauphin Manitoba. Like any business there have high and

low points since its inception, but ultimately it provides services and products that people truly need.

The clinic meets these needs with the highest quality of curtesy and professionalism you can only find in

a small Canadian town.

To understand the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy’s success, its important to know who Myles Haverluck is as

a person and businessman. Myles grew up in Dauphin, graduating from DRCSS High School in 1969. After

marrying the love of his life Bonnie, he decided to pursue his Bachelors Degree in Science at the

University of Manitoba. Myles excelled in academics as well as his participation in a number of clubs and

athletics, he was supportive of Winnipeg’s tax committee to help smaller businesses. Some of the sports that Myles loved to play were basketball, hockey and football, being his

favorite. The life lessons Myles learned on the field as a leader and team player were later translated to

the class room where he would be nominated as Class President of The Pharmacy Faculty, where he

would lead his faculty to academic excellence.

After 5 years of school, Myles graduated in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy as well as

making the Deans Honor List. After graduation Myles knew he had to do 2 very important things. He had

to find a way to provide for his growing family and he wanted to help as many people as he could. Myles

was held in high regard when he became one of the youngest pharmacist in the clinic history, when he

took a residency at The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy in 1979. Soon after, Myles would create Haverluck

Enterprises, investing in the pharmacy as his first business venture, becoming the owner and operator

for over 30 years to date.

Along with his growing knowledge of the industry, Myles wanted to expand his mind and experience

everything that he could. In 1983 he became a Certified Orthotic Fitter, a difficult endeavour that

included 1,000 hours of orthotic fitting patient care experience in order to receive the certificate. As well

as becoming a Certified Asthma Educator (CRE) in 1999. In-between his continued education, Myles was

elected as the Business Manager for The Dauphin Medical Group in 1995, due to his success with the

Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy. Myles developed a strong interest in custom compounding, a practice in which

a customized medication is prepared by a pharmacist according to a doctor's specifications to meet an

individual patient's need. He achieved his goal to become a Professional Compounding Specialist by

visiting Houston Texas in 2001 to the Professional Compounding Centres of America. Thanks to Myles’

efforts, this difficult feat has now branded the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy as a lifetime member of the


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