How the Dauphin Clinic has impacted the community of Dauphin

Now more then ever it is important for smaller communities to come together as a whole and support

each other as much as they can. Dauphin Manitoba, is a hockey town of over 8,500 people, known for its

agricultural contributions to the province and the rest of Canada. There is an overwhelming amount of

caring and value associated with the people living there. Whether you are visiting or plan on starting a

life, being welcomed into the community is assured. But this doesn’t mean that Dauphin doesn’t suffer

from hard times like every where else. With the cost of living constantly rising, and the automation of

jobs being implemented, people everywhere are falling on hard times.

Local businesses including their local pharmacy and philanthropists are joining together to combat the harsh

economical landscape that is beginning to plague smaller communities like Dauphin. Local groups like the Kinsmen

Club of Dauphin are leading the charge on giving back to the people. With over 6000 members across Canada

the Kinsmen offer a wide variety of local fundraising and service projects to their communities. Each

club assesses their community’s greatest need to determine what projects to undertake and how to

distribute funds raised within the local community.  One of the volunteers and leaders of this group is

Myles Haverluck. Myles moved back to his home town of Dauphin in 1979 with his wife Bonnie, after

graduating from the University of Manitoba with his Bachelors of Science Degree. Myles began his

career with The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy and has been the innovator and leader of the clinic ever since.

Myles soon joined the Kinsmen and began his work as a volunteer. Wanting to spend more time with his

family as well, Myles introduced Bonnie and their three daughters Kristen, Brenna and Sara to

community service. Seeing all the good that they were doing for the community, Myles looked to make

a bigger impact.

Dauphin is home to a large number of hockey players and fans. Most kids spend their winters outdoors,

starting pick up games of hockey on local rinks, or gearing up for practices on competitive teams. But

the cost of play has substantially grown in the last few years and sometimes parents can’t afford to have

their child participate in their favorite game. That is why local charities and foundations have started

raising money and taking equipment donations to help get more kids out on the ice. Myles found this to

be an important cause, having grown up playing hockey himself. He knew that the life lessons that he

learned on the ice were important and shouldn’t be limited to only the fortunate few. So, with the help

of The Kinsmen and the Dauphin community Myles has helped to raise thousands of dollars to fund

young players across Canada. This dedication would earn Myles the Kinesman of the Year Award as well

as his other efforts being appreciated by the Red Cross for Outstanding Service.

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