Winnipeg Victims Among Huge Death Toll No One Talks About

Winnipeg, Manitoba – While worry about terrorism and violence is a natural concern, there is another killer which gets nowhere near the same attention.

Traffic fatalities take a huge toll and yet crime and terror get the bulk of the attention. I hesitate to throw out too many numbers but traffic fatalities in Manitoba are over 100 this year with thousands of injuries. Murder numbers are far less. And yet it’s fair to say, many of us worry about crime and drive everyday without thinking of the consequences of our driving patterns. Crime stories get huge media attention but there are tens of thousands of minor and major collisions every year in Manitoba. The personal cost is unfathomable and the financial toll is huge.

I can take this to a global level as well. Did you know, well over a million people die every year in traffic fatalities? That’s a staggering number and is an ongoing annual toll. And yet terrorism and war get huge coverage but the million deaths on the road get comparatively little mention. Many of those deaths can be attributed to 2nd or 3rd world countries and poor infrastructure and negligible traffic enforcement. However, the United States records an annual toll of 35 thousand dead drivers and passengers annually and those numbers are climbing.  Injuries, from minor to life changing, are in the hundreds of thousands.

I find is fascinating that while wars and global terrorism are so hard to stop, traffic fatalities could be vastly reduced. Driving fatalities are not accidents. They are the result of a driver or drivers making a poor choice. Experts have told me repeatedly that the vast majority of fatal collisions are preventable.  The answer of course is better drivers, smarter enforcement and better infrastructure. Somehow drivers have to be persuaded into being far less stupid. It is also one of those dilemmas where individuals have to prioritize their driving and make it a primary and not a background activity.

As we start a new year, I hope many drivers give driving and its consequences more priority in their life. If that attitude becomes pervasive, a lot of lives could be saved.

Brian Barkley, MyToba

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  • Ron Hill says:

    Informative and thought provoking comments from Brian Barkley. We stated facts. True reality check

  • OF THE says:

    I would like to think that every accident that they say is caused by slippery roads is REALLY caused by stupid drivers. EVERYONE of them should be given a ticket for driving to fast. There are literally THOUSANDS of accidents, all caused by being inattentive or careless driving. Maybe the police are to blame. Put them on commission and they may work harder to get their 80 to 100,000 salerys and in the meantime save a few hundred lives and millions of dollars in repair bills !

    • Steve says:

      Well the police are interested in saving lives, But unfortuntley it’s only in school zones . That’s where they make all the money .

      • Ed says:

        It’s nonsense that police give out tickets for breaking laws to make money. The are doing the job they have been assigned to. To avoid more money going to law enforcement simply obey the laws. It is not hard.

  • Steve says:

    Well the fact is the province of Manitoba gives out drivers licenses to just about everyone. Also the no fault policy is the biggest joke ever . That in itself exempts drivers from been held responsible for their stupidity. One just has to drive in the city to see the dumbest drivers on planet earth. And let’s be honest most of the collisions are caused by idiot drivers. There is no such thing as an accident ,It’s decisions that drivers make. And in the city and even the province for matter ,These roads were never intended and built to accommodate the amount of traffic out there. I can hardly wait for the day where they make it a privilege to drive in Manitoba .

    • Ed says:

      The province does not give put drivers licenses to just anyone. You have to pass a written test as well as a road test driving a car. Yes there are a lot of inconsiderate and poor drivers.