Winnipeg Animal Shelter Hosts Asia Dog Meat Talk

WINNIPEG, MB. — The Winnipeg Humane Society will be having a free speaker series about Asia’s dog meat industry and how it relates to Manitoba.

The Farm Animal Compassion Committee presents Betraying Man’s Best Friend: Inside Asia’s Dog Meat Trade at the Joyce Gauthier Behaviour and Training Centre.

It’s set for Tuesday, February 21st at 7:00pm.

Brittany Semeniuk, a veterinary nurse utilizing her career to improve animal welfare in Manitoba and across the globe, provides insight into Asia’s dog meat industry in this non-graphic presentation and compares it to farming practices in Manitoba.

“Our canine companions are being killed by the millions and need us to be their voice,” says Semeniuk.

“But we must also look inward at the plight of our own farm animals, as the suffering of one species does not justify inflicting suffering onto another.”

In 2013-14 Semeniuk witnessed the trade first-hand when she worked for an animal welfare group in northern Vietnam.

“Fighting the dog meat industry is not about cultural imperialism as there is nothing cultural about the trade,” Semeniuk says.

“It is a relatively new, profitable, high functioning industry fuelled by suffering on a massive scale.”

Her speaker series discusses the transportation, housing and inhumane treatment of dogs in the industry and draw parallels to Manitoba’s pig farming practices.

Semeniuk addresses why both industries prohibit the intelligent animals from acting on their most basic instincts, leading to an impeding quality of life and what can be done to prevent the suffering of animals both in Manitoba and Asia.

—MyToba News

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