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WINNIPEG, MB. – Coffee is usually consumed in the morning while eating toast, or at night when indulging in a delicious dessert. But what if your favourite beverage could fare just as well with both sweet and savoury foods?

You may be surprised to know that pairing coffee with several types of food is just like pairing wine and cheese.

“People are now discovering how easily coffee can be introduced during a meal to elevate the taste of savoury foods,” explains Caroline Losson of Keurig Canada. “Dark-roast coffee such as our Van Houtte Signature Collection Sumatra Fair Trade dark-roast blend goes hand in hand with a BLT sandwich, as the smokiness of the bacon will enhance the strong flavour of the brewed coffee.”

Another favourite among coffee experts is pairing seasonal vegetables and salads with a medium roast, like Timothy’s Colombian Excelencia coffee which has a bright and citrusy acidity.

Here are some other perfect combinations:

• Fruity, light blends are perfect with berries, roasted vegetables and mildly flavoured cheeses.

• Medium blends are ideal for savoury meals such as barbecue chicken or avocado toast topped with nuts.

• Dark roasts pair incredibly well with duck and red meat.

Each blend and roast offers different flavours. Find multiple options at keurig.ca.

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