Today In History – December 31

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Today In History in 1980, Marshall McLuhan died at age 69. McLuhan was educated at the University of Manitoba, as well as the University of Cambridge. McLuhan was a University of Toronto professor, writer, and communications guru. McLuhan was born July 21, 1911 in Edmonton, Alberta, and was the author of “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man,” made famous for his statement that “The Medium Is The Message.”

As we think about what 2017 has in store, watch above as McLuhan makes some amazingly accurate predictions about our world.

Take a look at what else happened Today In History:

1853: Great Western Railway reaches London from Hamilton, Ontario.

1883: CPR officials announce they have spent $59 million on building the railway, which will not be completed for another two years.

1892: Fort Macleod incorporates itself as Macleod, Alberta.

1910: Montreal Canadiens play their first game against Ottawa in the Jubilee Arena at the corner of Moreau and Catherine, in the east end of Montreal.

1922: Joseph-Armand Bombardier, age 15, builds a motorized sleigh with his brother Leopold; powered by a propeller and a four-cylinder Ford Model T engine, it has four sleigh runners; the brothers drive their experimental machine for a mile, but their father says it is too dangerous, and insists that they dismantle it.

1931: Canadian stock index plunges 37.2%; GNP declines 12.7%; worst business year on record in the country; depth of the Great Depression.

1943: RCAF at peak, with 215,000 men and women, 78 squadrons, including 35 overseas and 6 heading there; Canada has produced 11,000 planes so far.

1963: Nuclear warheads for Bomarc missiles arrive at RCAF base near North Bay.

1975: Montreal Canadiens fight the visiting Red Army team to a 3-3 draw; Habs outshoot their visitors 38-13; first of a series of eight meetings between Soviet and NHL teams.

1985: Suzanne Blais-Grenier resigns as federal Minister of State for Transport over decision to allow Ultramar Canada to buy the Quebec and East Coast refining and marketing network of Gulf Canada and, as part of the deal, close the Gulf refinery in Montreal.

1988: Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins scores 5 goals and tallies 8 points against New Jersey Devils; first NHL player to score a goal in all five possible situations in a game – even-strength, powerplay, shorthanded, penalty shot, empty net.

2007: Quebec City begins its 400th Anniversary celebrations with an outdoor show involving more than 400 performers.

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

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