Tips on Keeping Your Important Data Safe

WINNIPEG, MB. – Our interconnected, always-on lifestyle has plenty of benefits, but one of the occasional downsides is having to juggle a number of devices for both work and play. You can help maintain good work-life balance by making sure that whether personal or professional, your laptops, tablets and smartphones keep your sensitive information secure. Protect your photos, calendars, social data and even money with these five easy steps.

1. Keep your device up-to-date. Install updates to your operating system, apps and antivirus and firewall software as soon as they become available. Set software and apps to auto-update so you don’t miss out on the latest security features.

2. Download with discretion. Install apps and download or transfer files only from reputable, trusted sources. Delete suspicious emails and messages and don’t open attachments, links, MMS, or SMS messages from unknown sources.

3. Be wise with Wi-Fi. Use password protected and trusted Wi-Fi connections. Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth services when not in use. When making online purchases, stick to your home network or turn on your data.

4. Set strong passwords. Think of your password as a guard that stands between your personal information and potential online risks. Make your password stronger by using the first letter of each word of a memorable sentence or phrase, then make it even tougher by changing some of the letters to numbers or special characters.

5. Keep your number to yourself. Don’t share your mobile phone number on public websites and social networks, as this can make you more vulnerable to malware attacks.

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  • stella says:

    Thank you for this information Kevin.

    I appreciate it.. Being in my middle 70’s and not too savy with these gadgets, this helps me a bit.

    Thanks again. Have a wonderful day.


    • Kevin Klein says:

      That is very kind of you to say, thank you for supporting MyToba News it means a lot to our team that you do.