Taxes Going Up On Netflix Users In Manitoba And Across Canada?

Winnipeg, MB – If you use Netflix, you might soon be paying more taxes.

In an interview today with Evan Solomon from CTV’s Question Period, Canadian Heritage Minister Melanie Joly said charging GST to streaming services like Netflix remains an option.

Netflix does not pay taxes in Canada and they do not charge either provincial or federal taxes to their customers. Minister Joly says Netflix will not be asked to contribute to the Canadian Media Fund. This means applying provincial and federal taxes to Netflix services would be the most likely route towards the government taxing the service.

Are you a Netflix user? How do you feel about the possibility of Netflix being taxed? Share your thoughts in the comments.

-MyToba News

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  • G. Harbottle says:

    Absurd! Instead of taxing everything they can come up with to cover their lucrative salaries, try reducing the inflated expense accounts submitted by all government ministers.

  • D. Roy says:

    Although there are a lot of Netflix customers and the tax per customer would be very small, the extra man hours to do the accounting, collecting and submitting would be a burden on Netfix and rates would surely rise. To use Netfix, it’s customers already have and are paying for a much larger subscription, in the form of internet fees which the taxes are already being paid. Why don’t they just leave well enough alone?

  • Stricker says:

    What they say -pior to being elected with a complete 360 turn around when elected. One has to assess the present liberal elected ministers based on their previous verbal platform. Quarterly report should be made puplic as they are elected by the masses.

    • Chad says:

      You do realize that when someone does a 360 they are headed in the same direction as they were when the started.

      So in this case, if the Gov’t did a 360 after the election, they are doing exactly what they said there were going to do.

  • Dako44 says:

    Our current gov`t true colors being exposed on a daily basis . Tax and spend with no concern for tax payers . Surely Canadians will see the error of there ways by next election and hopefully our country is not in to deep a hole by then !

    • Jason says:

      Sadly this is what happens when a government is elected with a platform of were not the other guys. How do you campaign on a 10b spending plan and then hit 30b, that either says you have no idea what you are doing, or your incompetent. Either way our children will be left to pay for this serious err in judgement.

  • Joanne Jackson says:

    why can you let the low income people have some affordable entertainment, stop take everything affordable away

  • M says:

    So we’re going to be taxed twice for technically one service??? Asshats liberals!!!