Recipe for Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Cookies

WINNIPEG, MB – Who wants cookies? With the cooler temps, now is the perfect time to preheat your oven and whip-up a batch of cookies whenever the mood strikes you. Seriously, it’s cheaper than turning on the heat and dealing and a huge Hydro bill. Make a strong pot of coffee and enjoy these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies fresh from the oven!

Run of the mill steel cut oats do not fare well in oatmeal cookies as they are harder than the suggested rolled oats and just do not blend well with the cookie dough. Instant steel cut oats, however, are smaller flakes and soften easier. This results in a chewy yet crunchy cookie that is oh-so-satisfying.

These cookies are also great to throw in a kid’s lunch box for a lunchtime treat. I also like to throw them in a backpack for my walks in the woods as a hearty and filling treat mid-hike. Basically, cookies are great for any occasion. What are you waiting for?

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Amanda Cortens, MyToba News


Amanda Cortens is a food blogger at Peppers & Pennies. With a focus on cooking from scratch, her recipes are both accessible and budget friendly. Amanda is a proud Manitoban who loves hiking, Winnipeg beer and buying local.
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