RECIPE: Grilled Caesar Veggie Tartine

WINNIPEG, MB –  The temperatures are rising, folks! The hot weather that is in store for us across the Province this week can often be very difficult on our budgets. It is pricey to run the AC 24/7 and your poor machine (if you are lucky enough to have one, that is) often has to work extra hard around dinner time.  I also notice that when the mercury starts to rise, my appetite starts to slide and I am unmotivated to make a large, complicated dinner in the Summer heat. What to do?

Instead of falling victim to fast food, make fresh fast food at home! This Parisian inspired Veggie Tartine is packed with summer garden produce, comes together in 15 minutes and won’t heat-up the house. A tartine is a French food that is, essentially, a sweet or savoury open-faced baguette sandwich. Many tartines boast a delicious spreadable topping that is then crowned with vegetables, fruit or fish. Tartines make a great quick lunch or a lazy, after work dinner as they require basically zero prep time, planning or much attention at all.

My Grilled Caesar Veggie Tartine is unique in the sense that it turns a simple fresh baguette into a garlic bread inspired base by using fresh Caesar salad dressing instead of garlic butter. This is an affordable and unexpected spin that works so well with BBQ’d garden fresh zucchini, tomatoes and onions. Simply prepare your bread, slice some veggies and head to the grill where it will take you 15 minutes until dinner time. Crack a beer and enjoy the heat while it lasts!

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Amanda Cortens, MyToba News

Amanda Cortens is a food blogger at Peppers & Pennies. With a focus on cooking from scratch, her recipes are both accessible and budget friendly. Amanda is a proud Manitoban who loves hiking, Winnipeg beer and buying local.
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