Recipe for Cheese and Potato Perogies

WINNIPEG, MB – Consider this a public service announcement: Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away. I know, I know. We just sent the kids back to school and now we are about to be thrust into the official start to the Holiday season. Where is the time going? Don’t fear! The next two weeks I will be sharing with you two must-have dishes for your upcoming Thanksgiving feast. Whether you are hosting or simply helping-out, I’ve got your back!

I am pretty sure it is mandatory for all Manitobans to love perogies. Whether your love for perogies started in your Baba’s kitchen, from a trip to Alycia’s Restaurant or to one of the many perogy sales in Ukrainian Catholic Churches all over this great province, we all adore these delicious, indulgent and budget friendly treats. We also tend to prefer any perogy that is most like the ones we first tried. Thankfully, my Mom (Look, Mom! I’m a journalist!) passed on this recipe for her Baba’s perogies and has allowed me to publish it to share with you.

This recipe is tried and true and I guarantee it will be a welcome addition to your Thanksgiving family dinner. Don’t be thrown off by the Velveeta cheese, it melts easily and allows the potato filling to be moldable and perfectly perogy like. If you are very much against the Velveeta, however, feel free to choose a grated sharp cheddar for max flavour. For Thanksgiving dinner, I suggest planning for 5 perogies per guest and an ample amount of sour cream!

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Amanda Cortens, MyToba News

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Amanda Cortens is a food blogger at Peppers & Pennies. With a focus on cooking from scratch, her recipes are both accessible and budget friendly. Amanda is a proud Manitoban who loves hiking, Winnipeg beer and buying local.
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