Opinion: Trudeau’s Vacations Are Worse Than Pallister’s

Trudeau Pallister Vacations

Winnipeg, MB – Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is taking lots of heat for his Costa Rica vacations.

I’m not a big fan of Pallister or the fact that he’s taking trips so far away from the province. It sets a bad example from the top, and it will reduce his credibility with his fellow MLAs and the public when he starts asking for shared sacrifice.

That being said, I disagree with those who are comparing Pallister’s vacations to Justin Trudeau’s trip to the Aga Khan’s private island. Though they both involve trips overseas, there are huge differences between them.

Here’s why:

Pallister is using his own money and property, Trudeau risks being bought by foreign influencers

Whether you like the trips or not, at least Pallister is using his own money. He got rich in the private sector, and used that money to buy big homes and property.

Pallister’s Costa Rica trips hold no risk of him being bought or influenced by a foreign power.

Justin Trudeau’s vacation was very different. The Aga Khan’s Foundation has received tens of millions from the federal government, and lobbies the government on numerous issues. Not only did Trudeau vacation on the Aga Khan’s private island, he also flew in the Khan’s private helicopter.

That puts Trudeau in a dangerous ethical spot. It may have even been against the law. Take a look at Section 12 of the Conflict of Interest Act:

“No minister of the Crown, minister of state or parliamentary secretary, no member of his or her family and no ministerial adviser or ministerial staff shall accept travel on non-commercial chartered or private aircraft for any purpose unless required in his or her capacity as a public office holder or in exceptional circumstances or with the prior approval of the Commissioner.”

Because of that section, Trudeau could be in big trouble. The ethics watchdog is now looking into Trudeau’s actions. This is the first time an ethics watchdog has ever looked into a Canadian Prime Minister in that manner.

Whether you like it or not, that’s a big difference from Pallister’s trips to his own property.

Pallister seems out of touch; Trudeau seems willing to sell out our country

The biggest risk to Manitoba is that Pallister’s trips will erode his political authority and make it tougher to get anything done. That’s not good, but it’s not a huge disaster.

The biggest risk with Trudeau is that he is willing to sell out Canada to the highest bidder.

His Aga Khan trip is just the latest in a disturbing pattern of behaviour – the worst of which is Trudeau’s “Cash-For-Access” fundraisers where billionaires from China paid to lobby the PM and the federal government.

While he’s giving access to super-wealthy foreigners (access most Canadians don’t get), Trudeau is pushing for a free-trade deal with China that would hurt the middle-class even more, screw Canadian workers, and crush Canadian manufacturing.

Trudeau has also re-opened the possible sale of Canada-based ITF Technologies to O-Net Communications – a Chinese Company.

ITF Technologies has done business with the Canadian Defence Department, and could have info related to cyber-security, hacking protection, and Canada’s defences.

The previous government blocked the deal, because it was “injurious to national security.”

And yet, lo and behold, after being lobbied at cash-for-access meetings, Trudeau has opened the sale up again.

Bad Judgement vs. Bad Intentions

Trudeau’s willingness to accept foreign favours and grant foreign access to the Aga Khan or foreign billionaire bankers and others is a huge problem, and is part of a disturbing pattern.

It’s very different and has far worse potential consequences than Pallister’s vacations.

That doesn’t make Pallister’s trips a smart idea. It means we need to have perspective and not falsely equate the two issues.

There’s a big difference between bad political judgement and the willingness to sell out our country.

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website
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  • Redfern says:

    These Conservatives that sre making the most noise, are they comparing it to the God of Alberta, St. PETER, who used to traipse the planet courtesy of the Mannix Co. private jet back in the day?

  • C.R. Koss says:

    Right on Spencer. Turdeau needs to grow up, instead of playing at “Prime Minister”.

  • peter says:

    Oh C’mon Spencer…
    One has earned his position in life through the private sector, paid for his own property and takes holidays that come out of his own pocket. OMG!
    The other sponges off of him and others, has better property because of it, will NEVER have to work for a living because he’s done this all his life, has an entourage of MP’s that do the same and unflinchingly calls himself and his cronies the
    “Natural Governing Party”
    How can you possibly draw comparisons?

  • Brian Thompson says:

    Give it a rest already with Pallister and his property and vacation time. He worked hard and deserves it. What do you think he has Ministers for. All of his time the reporters make him waste on this issue takes valuable time he needs to get this province out of a mess.

    Trudeau is different ,he still figures he is a kid flying around on vacation.

  • L Robb says:

    You need to ask a few additional questions in order to draw conclusions of the Premier loosing confidence with his ministers and the public.

    ?? When Gary Doer was Premier how much time did he spend at his out of town property? Location is not the issue in this question.

    ?? Has any other Premier lost credibility with their ministers over where they go to recharge to get perspective.

    ?? Where does the Leader of the Opposition spend his/her time away?

    ?? Because someone works hard all their life and acquires assets it is considered unacceptable once they choose to run for office? Jealousy or just poor journalism

    ?? Where do all of the ministers and members of Legislature go on their down time?

    ?? Really why/how can you compare this to the PM who has used every opportunity to use TAX dollars to travel the world with family in the guise of work?

    ?? If Pallister had a property in Kenora would that be too far away as well?? Perspective here would be nice. The world is a much smaller place than it used to be. Its called Technology and if anyone has proven they know and understand their responsibility to the public it is the Premier of Manitoba.

  • Bruno says:

    I agree with Brian’s comment 100 %.

  • Joanne Jackson says:

    Trudeau, has a right to have a holiday with friends the same as anyone else, grow up people and stop always trying to find something wrong, you aren’t paying for it

  • Sunny says:

    How come no one said anything about Greg Selinger vacationing in the Southern USA in Winter and relaxing at his remote private island with no way to the mainland save for float planes or big boats none of which can operate in bad weather. There is no internet or phones on his private island only emergency satellites phones?

  • Stricker says:

    Trudeau- showcasing on Canada Tax payers dollar or the so called loonie. Just think we 3-more years…to reconsider or booth him.