OPINION: Trudeau Has Time For The Elites, But Not The People Of Emerson

WINNIPEG, MB – Justin Trudeau has spent plenty of time meeting with the global elites. Whether during his ethically-challenged trip to the Aga Khan’s private island, his regular visits to New York to mingle with celebrities and bankers, or his cash-for-access fundraisers with foreign billionaires, Trudeau always makes himself available for those with money and power.

When it comes to the people he was actually elected to serve however, it seems he’s too busy.

Consider what’s happening in Emerson

That community has seen a flood of illegal border crossers, due in large part to Trudeau’s tweet foolishly welcoming everyone to Canada – in ignorance of how our immigration system works.

As Emerson has struggled with the growing influx, the support Trudeau promised seems non-existent.

And yet, he hasn’t found the time to visit.

He hasn’t met with Emerson residents to find out what impact the illegal crossings are having in their lives.

He hasn’t spoken with those on the front lines about what support they really need.

And he hasn’t reconsidered the negative impact his policies are having on Canadian citizens.

Many people are finding this to be an ongoing pattern with Trudeau: If there is a photo-op involved Trudeau finds the time. If not, he’s got other things to do.

The people of Emerson – and all Canadians – deserve far better.

We deserve a Prime Minister who actually believes in putting the well-being of Canadians first.

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website SpencerFernando.com
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  • Never a Trudeau says:

    Well elect a Pot Head and this what one gets…just wait till the Ganga hits the streets and watch all the problems we will have. He will be doing photo ops at all the Big Dispensaries in Toronto & Montreal…

    Work? Work? What’s That???

    Justin’s motto: “Where’s The Jalapeno Chips Dude”

  • Stricker says:

    Well said- His concern is self image. Hope Canada wakes up and it only for one term. His minister of defense is another issue claiming being the architect of a major conflict in Afghanistan which Canadian Forces took part.

  • BN says:

    there is not enough vote there to make it worth his while. We peasants don’t matter.
    Remember that in the next election.

  • Sharon McInnes says:

    As stated, YOUR opinion. Clearly you did not see fit to mention the visits by the Ministers whose personal responsibility it IS to deal with the asylum seekers entering via Emerson. They came, they talked, they consulted and they proposed solutions. Why would you want yet another visit?

    • Gail Dyer says:

      What Ministers from the Trudeau Government visited Emerson or Gretna? This is the first I have heard this. I know a few Conservative leadership hopefuls were there but they are not Government Ministers. Please enlighten me. Which Government Ministers visited and when? Thanks.

  • rgh says:

    Trudeau never gave a rat’s ass of any place or person not in or from Quebec. Goodale this is his job showed for a limo photo op and ran away.

  • Wes G Ford says:

    Google Justin Trudeau photos, and select Getty Images. there are 6,427 photos of J T living the life of a raja, so he has not time for the unwashed of Western Canada, (unless you can go to one of his $2,500 a plate dinners.)