Opinion: Trudeau Betrays Manitoba With Extortion-Style Threats

WINNIPEG, MB – It’s easy for politicians to seem like nice people when they are surrounded by cheering supporters and are reading a prepared speech from a teleprompter.

Repeat “Sunny Ways” enough and it might even seem true.

But the true character of a leader is revealed when things don’t go as planned and they are forced to deal with disagreement.

In his dispute with Manitoba over the healthcare deal, Justin Trudeau’s true character and leadership style has been exposed.

Instead of Sunny Ways and Real Change from Trudeau, Manitoba is getting Threats & Extortion

Two years ago, the federal government promised to provide Manitoba with $60 million for the “Factory of the Future,” a high-tech project which is receiving funding in various provinces.

That funding was approved by the previous Conservative government, and the Liberals have said it will continue.

Now however, Manitoba appears to be the target of extortion-style threats from the Trudeau government.

Because of the ongoing dispute between Ottawa and Manitoba over a healthcare deal, Trudeau appears to be linking the $60 million in funding for the Factory of the Future to Manitoba giving in to Trudeau’s demands.

The threat: If Manitoba keeps disagreeing with Trudeau’s healthcare plan, Trudeau will cut the $60 million in already promised funding.

Imagine if Stephen Harper had done this? The uproar from the other parties would be immense, and the Ottawa media would be all over it.

So far, mostly crickets…

Trudeau is showing that beneath the fake “Sunny Ways” façade, he is someone who doesn’t listen to others, and couldn’t care less about Manitobans.

$375 million for Bombardier in Quebec, $60 million in cuts for Manitoba?

It’s interesting to note that Trudeau could find $372.5 million in taxpayer money to give to Bombardier in Quebec when they ran into financial trouble, yet all he has for Manitoba is a threat to take away $60 million from us.

It’s that kind of double standard that shows Trudeau has no interest in bringing Canadians together, and is instead willing to divide our country for his own selfish political gain.


I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Patrick Pichette – part of Bombardier’s Board of Directors – also “works” as Director of the Trudeau Foundation.

Nothing to see there…

Perhaps Trudeau is waiting for more Manitobans to donate to his foundation before he’ll lift a finger to help us?

Or perhaps we need to be a foreign billionaire like his Cash-For-Access buddies before he’ll listen to our voices?

Trudeau is betraying Manitobans

Trudeau did well in Manitoba in the 2015 Election, and Manitobans expected that he would govern for the whole country, not just part of it.

Trudeau’s recent extortion-style threats are a betrayal of Manitobans. They are a betrayal of the trust many Manitobans placed in him. And they are a betrayal of his duty to serve all Canadians, not just the interests of the well-connected elite.

Trudeau’s actions are a disgraceful display of failed leadership, and prove that he is willing to act like an arrogant and entitled dictator.

Manitobans, and all Canadians, deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website
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  • joe says:

    U mean to say u didn’t see this coming trudeau is just a globe trotting pretty boy puppet spending the tax payers money and donating money to anyone that needs a hand out from outside Canada. Old man Trudeau was the same way and now this country voted in another one. The old man Trudeau was the start of this countrys downfall, now we have one to finish the job.

  • Claire says:

    Maybe it is time for the west to form it’s own country and form it’s own government. Trudeau sure isn’t doing anything for us. He won’t give us funds for the illegal immigrants and he won’t close the border to them.. What are we doing putting up with his egotistical ways and all his vacations, sending all our tax monies to the ISIS communities overseas to train their young people.. What about our young people

    • Jeff says:

      Yea, right. Separating & forming our own country will really solve things! What a ridiculous comment! You may as well have cities start separating from provinces too! Maybe (i.e.) St. Vital should separate from Winnipeg! Where would it stop? Good grief! You make no sense. Separating won’t solve or fix anything! The illegal immigrants would still come. Wake up & come up with a better suggestion. I am PROUD to be Canadian! We all have to actively participate in democracy & make our country better!

  • Gerald Rheault says:

    Spencer Fernando should stop trying to be so melodramatic with his comment. Our provincial government has not acted very smartly in dealing with the federal government. It has foolishly tried to extort the federal government on health funding and has painted itself in a corner with no choice but to accept what the federal government has offered them. They would have been able to get more if they would have negotiated in good faith earlier instead of trying to play hardball. Our premier is not going to get anywhere by choosing to be so intransigent. He is all by himself and better settle asap. As a province we will not be very well served with a provincial government who is being so antagonistic
    Also the “one for one” law being proposed seems very similar to a Trump government proposal on reducing regulations in the US. There may be need to review provincial regulations but to say that a one to one relationship exists is STUPID and ILLOGICAL. Each department should review their regulations to determine what can be eliminated and proceed accordingly. This law is stupid and useless and the government should spend their time dealing with important issues such as health and education in a way that will provide maximum benefits to manitobans instead of playing politics.

  • Pat Lee says:

    This does not surprise me, this is the same tactics the liberals used in the past. It’s all about eastern Canada and the unpopulated western Canada. The Prairie Provinces are sitting with non liberal govts in power, did we think this was gonna go any differently

    We vote the Liberals into power, they bury all Canadians into debt, they argue with provincial govts if they can pass the fault onto them.

    Then we realize as a country, that we can’t keep spending more than we pay in taxes. This usually occurs when the govt starts raising your retirement age as well as your taxes.

    Then we vote in the conservatives to clean up the mess and they look like the bad guys!

    When will we learn?

  • Brian Thompson says:

    Trudeau if he does not get his way acts like a spoiled school yard bully. As seen in Parliament before.
    He is there to mainly support Eastern Canada. This is discrimination against the people of Manitoba and Western Canada. Also demonstrated by answering English questions in French. Maybe it wasn’t a photo op for him.
    Good for the Manitoba to stand up against this Idonothaveaclue Priminister
    People remember this next election.

  • Jonathan says:

    Justin is not a leader, leaders do the right thing

  • Bruno says:

    Way to go Spencer. Justin you have just lost a whole lot of votes.

  • rick says:

    you young people should get a group to start to give up reasons for us to separate. from the east. we don’t need those debtors. they are stealing from the west. ont. debt. is 318 billion. quebecs is 270 billion. they are draining us dry out west. give us a to separate. trudeau is going to put us in a depression. socialism doesn’t work look at venezuela. look at greece. they steal from the ones that don’t vote for him and give to the debtors that vote for him like hitler did. i could go on. look at flin flon. the feds drained flin flon dry. used to be 13000 living there when i grew up there. now there is 5000. how come trudeau did not apologize when they cleared fat duffy and pamelea wallin of fraud. they said harper was in involved.

  • GPO says:

    Calling it like it is, he is showing his true colors Justin Trudeau. He Only cares about his own political future, as his billionaire buddies dictate. Corruption and scandals, it is something the Liberals are good at. check out the news head lines in the 70’s and 80’s.

  • Ian Robbins says:

    This shouldn’t come as a suprize. His father was the same way. I guess there’s too many young people who voted for the toddler who didn’t know how his dad operated.

  • John M Vrskovy says:

    Then WHY don’t you do something about it!! JT is CORRUPT and breaking EVERY parliamentary rule in the book.. He’s proven TIME and TIME again he is viciously pursuing his own agenda. This man is a verifiable threat to the Canadian way of life and NO ONE does ANYTHING about it. WE NEED organisations to sue this liar to the FULL extent of the law!!! He CAN NOT do what he is doing any longer without any repercussions. Canadians are BEGGING for SOMEONE to STAND UP and FIGHT BACK!!
    Please…..please……please…..TAKE THE FIGHT TO HIM and DEMAND this TYRANT be removed from office. 70% of CANADA did NOT vote for him. HE is the minority!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erskin Nimbob says:

    Just like his Father he will soon give The West The Finger, somethings never change.

  • Harry Taylor says:

    What can you expect from this poor excuse of a Canadian. He has done nothing but sell this country down the river since he was elected. He has given every country he visited our Canadian Tax $. He even gave millions to China for them to improve their infrastructure.
    CHINA has more $ than Canada ever will.

  • Gary says:

    I wonder if this is why he is completely ignoring the massive influx of illegal refugees crossing your border from the US ?…. No..!!! he couldn’t be that spiteful could he ?. I’m afraid so, and then some. In Alberta we know all to well what he is capable of.

    Kind of a slap in the face don’t you think $30,000 to the Emerson fire department to help with the illegals. At the same time that he makes that huge sacrifice he boards a plane to an off broadway costing tax payer 3 times that money. He is destroying our country. Some of those crossing the boarder are refugees of a sort…But most of them are here to help him make this country into something that resembles Europe. Take a look at who’s lined up at the Mexican boarders waiting their turn to come to a place near you. Nice..!!!!!!!!!

  • Marianne Dordick says:

    Why is Canada holding out for Medical transfers from the Canadian Government? Is it because our present Provincial Conservative leader wants to privatize our Medical System by making it seem more needy than necessary. I am suspicious of the this political article and what it is hiding from we Manitobans and would like further explanation of what is really going on between the Provincial Conservative Leader and the Liberal Federal Leader.

  • Marianne Dordick says:

    I feel very suspicious that our own Provincial Conservative Leader is behind this article, and that he is the one who is betraying Manitoba — not our Liberal Federal Leader. The Provincial Conservative Governments have always tried their best to get rid of Medicare; they feel Private health care is the way to go. Most of Manitobans disagree!!!! I am one of them. If they are turning down money from the Federal Government Transfer system, I, for one, would like to know both sides of the story, and this article only expresses one side.

    • Mara Lowe says:

      Federal Liberals rarely negotiate in good faith with provincial Tory governments and now you have Trudeau, Laurentian elitist to boot. As for “Provincial Conservative Governments have always tried their best to get rid of Medicare” – IMO that is a little exaggerated. It is not about getting rid of it but alleviating the burden. That burden, by the way is the result of Martin/Chretien cutting $26B from healthcare support to the provinces in the 90s. Healthcare services have been garbage ever since. If some are willing to pay for private services it logically eases the backlog for those that rely solely on the system like yourself. My husband was on a wait list for 3 years for a knee replacement. He went to work in Dubai and because of private insurance he saw a surgeon on a Tuesday and was in surgery that Saturday. You either live to rely and await solely on what the government can do for you, even when it’s flawed, or you allow yourself yo be open to possibilities.. Politicians rarely have a clue which is why they rely on taxing people to make their living.

  • Mree says:

    How does one go about impeaching him and his party before it’s too late to turn back? I’m sorry Manitoba. At least you don’t have Wynne.

  • @ scoopshovel says:

    Spencer where did you get that information from, are you sure of all your facts. Did you read the free press today. What stated is not true.

  • Fernando Dominguez says:

    We are familiar with that: We suffered the same annoying state of affairs for 8 long years. The result: a landslide loss for those look-alike Trudeau…
    The fortunate state of things:in a democracy votes are king…

  • Brenda says:

    Sad state of affairs. Elbowgate was just the tip of the iceberg showing how this PM will push to get his way. Cloudy days indeed for Canada. Hopefully ‘tobans will remember and giving a resounding no to this style at the ballot box in 2019.

  • Ralph Knapp says:

    Trudeau is the consummate con man politician. After all, he attended drama school.
    Canada will be in one hell of a mess before we kick him to the curb.

  • steakman says:

    May be it is truly time to separate the West from East…let them drown in Wind powered Electricity…and to coin a phrase – let them freeze in the dark.

    Liberals = “in it for myself” and to hell with the population… day said population will exact their just rewards…ala Nicolae Ceausescu

    That I would live to see the day watching those sewer rats scurry.

  • Ibby says:

    He’s using intimidation tactics like his hero, the government of China.

  • Chris says:

    You cry about Trudeau and pallisar is doing the same thing here with civil servants. Previous government sign contracts and pallisar is reneging on them. Also stacking pensions and talking about forced days off. Where is the uproar for this.

    • Doug says:

      The previous government straddled the province with even higher debt when they knew they wouldnt win. Putting in no layoff clauses, even Sellinger calling union leaders at the 11 th hour, telling them not to settle,they can get more!
      The contracts are to rich. Pay and especially pensions need to be brought under control.

  • Thomas Hay says:

    we have a Guovenor General who has been removed for some reason who never stood up for Canadian’s were he could have stopped Trudeau in his tracks . But a new general govenor that is under Trudeau’s control which leaves a senate that is over paid and does nothing for Canadians and Canada .Why is it we are well educated country is controlled by a drama teacher and a bad one at that this is to much the equal OF HITLER


  • Dwight says:

    Trudeau is destroying our country for his own personal gains. He is not helping to create jobs for Canadians but destroying any that are out there. And for whom you might ask… Look at what he is giving to his immigrants that he is pulling into the country and his reward will be future votes to make himself look good. Our laws are being changed for Islamic laws to suit their culture not ours. There are Muslim countries that will not tolerate any of our beliefs and yet they still come and for their own agenda, not ours. Our tax dollars are being sent to other countries to help build what, his own popularity.. He has to start helping our country and Provinces before anyone else’s country. Hopefully the NEXT PM will UNDO what is being done but it seems that we have to wait until the next election to do so ….