OPINION: North Korea Threat Shows Weakness Of United Nations

WINNIPEG, MB – For years, the United Nations has been trying to end North Korea’s nuclear program.

They held countless summits, issued endless press releases, and imposed sanctions repeatedly.

The result?

North Korea has accumulated up to 20 nuclear weapons, and their delivery systems are advancing every day.

After all the UN’s efforts, North Korea is a bigger threat than ever before.

This exposes the fundamental weakness of the UN, and is a wake-up call for anyone who thinks we can solve all the world’s problems with fancy summits and carefully crafted words.

The use of force – and the threat of force – is still the impetus behind all international relations. Already, China is putting more pressure on North Korea than ever before, and this comes after the United States struck Syria and moved a carrier battlegroup toward the region.

The threat of force led to action – more action than nearly two decades of UN “effort.”

Ruthless regimes like North Korea understand power more than they understand diplomacy. And diplomacy can only achieve results when there is power behind it.

This is a lesson for Canada.

Even though we are a wealthy and technologically advanced nation, our military is severely underfunded, to the point where we are almost entirely dependent on other nations for our defence.

This reduces our credibility, and renders our words about democracy, human rights, and justice meaningless.

The best our leaders can do is hope they get some nice retweets around the world, while other nations handle the serious issues.

We are not even able to defend our own country, as our air force has limited ability to deal with encroachments in our North.

For Canada to have a secure and impactful future in the world, we will need to let go of the idea that the world is a friendly place where everyone can just talk things out. Talking may be able to solve some issues, but that success depends on us having the force to back up our words.

Otherwise we will travel the same path as the UN: Endless rounds of meaningless talk, all to achieve nothing.

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website SpencerFernando.com
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  • Gord says:

    Right now we are protected from North Korea by distance. However his main goal is to build nuclear weapons to reach North America and he claims he is nearly there. What happens when he succeeds ??? I guess Trudeau will fly over, take some selfies and negotiate with him where nobody else has been successful in 50 years.

  • Ian Robbins says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

  • adelard gendron says:

    Unfortunately I think the opinion expressed in this article by Spencer Fernando is right on. The only way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them. That is the only language they understand.

  • Ron says:

    Bang on Spencer !! Syria, Africa and countless other atrocities going on in the world and the toothless U.N. focuses on the easy touchy , feely stuff……..time to defund and dismantle this bureaucracy