OPINION: NDP Favoured Elites With Manitoba MRI Policy

Regular Manitobans waited 23 weeks for MRI’s, the elites got same-day service

WINNIPEG, MB. — For decades, the Manitoba NDP have styled themselves as the “defenders of public healthcare.”

They talked constantly about “equal access,” and the danger of “letting the rich jump the queue.”

Now, it appears those words were nothing but lies.

A report by the Manitoba Auditor General – which is receiving new attention in light of leaks of personal medical info – showed that while Manitoba taxpayers waited longer for MRI scans than ever before, some top athletes and government officials were treated almost right away.

The report by the Auditor General noted that some professional athletes in Manitoba got MRI’s just a day after being referred, and some government officials even received same-day service.

This is a total disgrace, and destroys any credibility the NDP have on “equal healthcare access.”

There is no way this could have happened without the government knowing about it. While I won’t name those included in the list out of respect for their privacy, the issue of queue-jumping itself needs to be dealt with swiftly.

It is important to note that some of those involved – particularly some top athletes – may have had no idea they were jumping the queue. This would likely have been a policy imposed by politicians from top, and that is where the responsibility should lie.

Manitobans are understandably outraged by this story.

It’s simply unacceptable that Manitoba taxpayers waited an average of 23 weeks for an MRI, while some elites got same-day service.

This must be fully investigated, and it must not happen again. Wealthy sports teams can easily pay for all of their own MRI equipment, and politicians must live by the same rules they impose on the rest of us.

I write often about “corrupt elites,” who govern with a mindset that shows total contempt for taxpayers. The system of MRI queue-jumping is a perfect example of that elitism.

That elitist mindset has done tremendous damage to our province, as it ripped money out of the hands of hardworking Manitobans while enriching those at the top.

That’s why it’s both deeply disappointing, and somehow not surprising that the previous NDP government rigged the MRI system against working and middle class Manitobans. They didn’t mind taking more and more of our money, so why would they mind rigging the healthcare system against us?

The new government has a chance to fix this injustice, and they need to act swiftly to ensure it never happens again.

—Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

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Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website
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  • Ron says:

    NDP……the party for the working stiff……busted.

  • Not so Sunny says:

    NDP = Gone forever, these haunting stories will come out for years as to the corruption after 17 years of entitlement. We do need opposition and again I look at The Liberals and “Just Nothing” what a massive missed opportunity.

  • Keith says:

    A private clinic should be set up in Winnipeg like Pembina ND, then if you want it done faster simply pay for the service. Problem solved and it will free up spots on government run services