OPINION: Manitoba Carbon Tax Nothing But A Cash Grab

“Revenue Neutral” taxes are a myth

WINNIPEG, MB. — As the Manitoba Government prepares to bring in a carbon tax, we can expect to see the words “revenue neutral” in every mention of the new tax.

We will be told that nobody will feel anything, and any new taxes will be somehow offset with tax breaks.

Unfortunately for taxpayers, “Revenue Neutral” is a myth.

British Columbia’s carbon tax is held up by Justin Trudeau as a great model for the country. He’s used the supposed “revenue neutrality” of the BC carbon tax to justify forcing one on all the provinces.

There’s only one slight problem with that:

BC’s carbon tax isn’t revenue neutral.

As Charles Lammam and Taylor Jackson of the Fraser Institute wrote in the Financial Post, a study of the BC carbon tax shows it has taken much more from taxpayers than the government has given back.

They have found that between 2013 and 2019, BC taxpayers will lose a net amount of $865 million. That’s after accounting for the “offsetting” tax breaks.

So, rather than a “revenue neutral” tax as promised, the BC carbon tax ends up being a nearly $1 billion cash-grab.

What a surprise…

This is what happens with new taxes. Politicians bring them in under some popular justification – this time it’s the environment – and just use it to get more money from taxpayers to gorge the government on.

That’s why the PC government must give Manitobans a referendum – like they promised for big tax increases – on whether we want a carbon tax.

Just like the PST, a carbon tax will end up taking tons of money out of taxpayer’s pockets. It won’t be revenue neutral.

The decision on whether to support this cash-grab must be left to Manitobans.

—Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

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Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website
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  • Not so Sunny says:

    How does one hold a Referendum when Trudeau is the one shoving this TAX at us? This has nothing to do with The PC’s of Manitoba. Report the facts please. Trudeau will stick Manitoba with this TAX if we don’t do something. The Federal Liberals are to blame no one else.

  • James R. says:

    Agree completely, but either the provincial government does such a thing, or the feds will. If the feds lay this nonsense on us, it will for sure be worse… This way at least there is a chance the money will stay in the province, and not line the pockets of the liberals…

  • Bruno says:

    A carbon tax will do nothing to reduce carbon emissions.
    Just another tax grab.I would suggest the liberals do a lot less air travel to reduce carbon emissions.

  • Kevin says:

    We could have a referendum on the kind of tax we have on carbon. The proposed tax is a carbon tax, which does not benefit anyone. Polluters will have at their disposal carbon credits to offset polluting more than companies less profitable but more environmentally friendly. Also, because the company has to pay this fee, they will pass that on to the consumer, and keep polluting.
    A Fee and Dividend system will give a portion of money back to the people directly as a tax credit, another portion will be used for programs such as funding for the solar initiative and the final third portion would go to green infrastructure such as charging stations.
    So a referendum can be held, no on whether to have the tax or not, but which tax to have that will benefit the people the most.