Opinion: Bring Back The Death Penalty

Supreme Court of Canada - Death Penalty

We must restore Justice to the “Justice” System

WINNIPEG, MB – Canada’s justice system is broken.

It seems wrong to even use the word “justice” when talking about the system.

Criminals are regularly treated better than victims. Those who commit horrible acts get coddled and cared for, while those victimized by crime are left to suffer on their own.

Dangerous people are regularly set loose on our communities, forcing warnings to be issued about how we should all be on the lookout.

Police officers put themselves in danger to take criminals off the streets, only to see their hard work undone when the “justice” system gives them a slap on the wrist.

Family members of victims like Carol de Delley are ignored, while those who have taken life in the most brutal way possible are given all the attention and help in the world.

People in jail get treated better than those who are homeless.

This has to stop.

We must restore justice to our justice system.

That’s why Canada should bring back the death penalty.

The most heinous crimes must have the most serious consequences.

When it comes to cold-blooded murder – when the evidence is clear and guilt is assured – Canada should impose the death penalty.

What our “justice” system seems to forget is that victims of crime and the families of victims of crime live a life sentence.

Why should someone who viciously takes away the life of someone else get to live a full life of their own?

I’m not talking about accidents or even manslaughter here. I’m talking about cold-blooded murder – the worst of the worst.

Right now, our “justice” system doesn’t take the concept of justice seriously. It’s all about some sort of magical “rehabilitation.”

There are many people who can be rehabilitated, but giving second, third, and fourth chances to violent killers is not justice.

Respect the suffering of victims

A justice system is not just about rehabbing criminals.

It must serve first and foremost as a way for victims of crime and their families to get justice.

After all, there’s a reason it’s called a “Justice System” not a “Rehab System.”

The justice system must serve as a way for society to send a clear message about what is, and what is not acceptable.

When our system gives out weak and lenient sentences to those who violently take lives, it sends a message that our system devalues the lives of our citizens.

That injustice must come to an end.

Canada must bring back the death penalty.

Let’s restore justice to our justice system.

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

Photo – D. Gordon E. Robertson

Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website
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  • Stephen Cramer says:

    I rely on statistics to form an opinion, and the statistics show it doesn’t work. This is not about justice, and never has been. This is about satisfying people’s desire for revenge. Canada’s murder rate dropped steadily after we abolished capital punishment, proving that is is not a successful deterrent, nor punishment. If murder is wrong, then state sanctioned murder is wrong as well.

  • Brian Thompson says:

    Yes I agree

  • Ron says:

    Oh, Oh, Spencer, I agree with you but, be prepared for tons of reaction and name calling.

  • Dennis says:

    You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website

    No Thank You very much!

  • Rodney Carlisle says:

    a eye for a eye. That guy should have never got off that bus. Now because of him two people have lost there lives. Not to forget the money it cost us tax payers. We have to watch our backs now because he is a free dangerous animal. If and when he strikes again. All the so called experts involved in his release should be tried for his actions from now forward. So they don’t have the chance to carry out another injustice as bad as this.I don’t know the family personally. But i’m so sorry for what the justice system has done to them. Don’t worry what goes around comes around. One day i hope the family will get there justice.

  • Jeff Hammond says:

    No disrespect whatsoever Spencer, but are you originally from Canada? We have different beliefs, history, & a different system than does the U.S.A. Our society is different here & we have more regard for life HERE in CANADA. If you ‘do the crime’ then you should ‘serve the time’! A person needs to be punished & suffer the consequences for his/her actions. Capital punishment is the easy way out. I TOTALLY agree with you that our justice system needs to be improved. Victims need to be treated with MUCH more respect! That is very obvious & the government should be doing a much better job to improve our justice system. Vince Li is a perfect example of why the justice system needs to be changed & improved. That decision was a joke! Death penalty?..NO! Criminals need to suffer in jail. Thank you.

  • Carolyn Stieben says:

    I completely agree with the statements expressed in this post by Spencer Fernando on February 21, 2017.

    The death penalty should be re-instated. The victim is still the victim.

  • Fred Ronge says:

    It is absolutely dead on. In stet of having to pay the final price for their heinous crimes, criminals get cuddled for many decades while the victims will suffer. A life sentence, involving often penalties of decades, cost the taxpayers nearly 1 million Dollars per year. It’s time to end the taxpayers suffering and re-instate the Death Penalty.
    As it is said, if you don’t like the fine, don’t do the crime.

    • edwuschke says:

      Killing a person wrongfully convicted of murder cannot justify your desire to reduce the cost of keeping people in jail.

  • Evelyn Valcourt says:

    You are so right…..Our laws need to be seriously reviewed….At present the Justice system works for the offender or offenders..

    The people who uphold the law , RCMP officers, Police officers and everyone who works with offenders and re-offenders don’t even have 100% back up from the judicial system.

    There is absolutely no deterrent or appropriate punishment for anyone committing crimes today and the criminals know that….so guess what they don’t live in fear ..Victims live in fear….Because of Human rights laws this is just perfect for crimes…Yes many times more sympathetic gestures are given to criminals……Bleeding Hearts are all over in small communities and big cities not realizing that the blood is actually coming from the victims..

    Let’s quit giving excuses for criminals such as they have had a life of poverty or their parents did not look after them properly, or they we’re mistreated when they were younger……There are no excuses to become a criminal absolutely none…All you have to do is look who these people hang around with and that could tell you why they ended up in such a terrible life of crime…..

    Yes we can forgive but that does not mean that we can give over and over opportunities to re-offend.

    I think by having the death penalty back that in itself would be some form of deterrent.

    • edwuschke says:

      Absolute nonsense. Our justice system does deal with those who break the law. It does not cause harm to those who suffer from a crime.

  • Roger Dufresne says:

    It’s about time someone has enough guts to say the TRUTH about our BROKEN JUSTICE SYSTEM. If you can afford a high profile lawyer you got it made, the rest of us get the crap.

  • Edwin says:

    Yet another uninformed rant from the same writer — who apparently watches too many police dramas without understanding that they are fiction! In Canada, so-called “cold-blooded” murders are incredibly rare, but Spencer seems to want Canadians and their government themselves to become revenge-motivated cold-blooded murderers by causing the pre-meditated death of persons convicted of crimes. This idea is not only abhorrent but is a logical contradiction in itself. Canadians long ago decided to STOP being cold-blooded murderers — and thank goodness.

    • Jim misiano says:

      How silly are you ?A death sentence requires pre-existing statutes, trial and appeals, considerations of guilt and due process, to name but a few. Revenge requires none of these and, in fact, does not even require guilt or a crime.The criminal justice system goes out of its way to take hatred and revenge out of the process. That is why we have a system of pre existing laws that limit punishments and prosecutions to specific actions in response to specific rules of evidence and procedure. And it is also why those directly affected by the murder are not allowed to be fact finders in the case.

  • Victor Epp says:

    Capital punishment is certainly not the answer. It doesn’t bring back the victim/s. It only seeks revenge out of rage over the killing/s. And you must remember that a death sentence amounts to the judge and jury commiting premeditated murder in executing a killer and thus leaving them open to the same death they meted out.

    By their acts killers have forfeited any rights they may have and they must be re-earned. Our whole judicial system must be rewritten to have a human element rather than cold hard laws that seem to favor criminals over victims..